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Trial and Error

NBC Loves Arcade Fire

April 16, 2008 9:51 AM

I usually hate those cheesy, over-edited, oh-too-happy video montages that companies put together for their executives to show in advance of a keynote presentation.

You know what I mean: The video clips about how cable loves you and has saved the world, or how broadcast networks bring us closer together into one big happy worldwide family.

Usually they just make you want to retch. But every now and then you see hints of coolness.

Like the fact that this morning’s opening video montage from NBC Universal at the Ad:Tech conference in San Francisco included an Arcade Fire song in the background.

NBCU’s chief digital officer, George Kliavkoff, spoke in a keynote session at the ad conference this morning and presented one of those short video intros for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And about 30 seconds into the video, the background soundtrack shifted to Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)” from its 2004 album Funeral.

Since Arcade Fire is my favorite band, I have now decided that NBC and the Olympics are exceedingly cool.

Kind of like when I decided Justin Timberlake might be worth listening to after his “Dick in a Box” turn.


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So, long story short, you're a sucker. ;-)

Do you like Grey's Anatomy because of the music they play on it, or do you like the music on Grey's because you like the show so much? Either way, it's all multi-sensory manipulation. I'm waiting for them to invent Smellevision, whereby they can broadcast pleasant fragrances into your home during shows and commercials and totally get us to like anything.

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