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Trial and Error

Amanda Is Back

May 19, 2008 11:00 AM

If you’re in the know with Web video, you know Amanda is back.

Amanda, who really can go by only her first name online, is Amanda Congdon. She’s the first breakout video blogger, thanks to her stint as the first host of “Rocketboom,” and she’s busy now doing her new online variety show “Sometimes Daily.”

OK, so her show is technically in beta right now, but you can check it out at www.sometimesdaily.com and it’s a good thing it’s in beta, because it only sometimes works.

If you go to the site itself, the video is really hard to watch. But if you click around on the links for Vimeo and Blip, the videos play just fine on those sites.

The new show is basically Amanda and her cohorts exploring topics ranging from news, politics and the environment to money, fitness and technology.

Sometimes an insider becomes an outsider from Sometimesdaily on Vimeo.


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Damn, she's so cute! Her hair looks great. Thanks, Daisy.

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