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Trial and Error

CNET Brings CBS to the Hulu Dance

May 21, 2008 7:55 AM

CBS is on Hulu.

Well, kind of.

You can find CNET content on Hulu.com, and CBS is in the process of acquiring CNET. Ergo, CBS is on Hulu.

At any rate, I bring this up as a reason to share some figures that Hulu is now sharing. The NBC-Fox online video joint venture is boasting in its email newsletter that it’s leading all network Web sites in total video streams and engagement time.

Hulu delivered more than 63 million video streams in April and its users are watching more than two hours of Hulu content each month, according to Nielsen Online figures provided by Hulu.

Hulu also said it added a subscription feature that sends email alerts when new videos are available; it also lets users send video from Hulu to MySpace, Facebook or Digg.


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