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Trial and Error

How to Win the Hot Web Host Prize

May 6, 2008 9:41 AM

So you want to be crowned the Web’s sexiest male host?

I’ve got one for you on how to win: Twitter.

Twitter, the online messaging service, is quite possibly the most powerful social marketing tool.

Leo Laporte, the host of This Week in Tech, is leading in our polls by a commanding margin. His good looks and charming personality notwithstanding, he’s also got Twitter in his favor. When you use Twitter, you post short updates on the service and those updates are read by your followers. People sign up to follow you and over time, if your Tweets are good and you’re enough of an online draw, you can amass a decent following. Leo Laporte has done just that.

He is ranked as the Twitter user with the second most followers. More than 28,000 people follow him and receive his short Twitter updates. So when he Twitters about the New Media Minute-TVWeek.com Tournament for the Hottest Male Web Host (as he did yesterday, God bless him), many of those followers came running to the polls.

He is second in followers only to Barack Obama, who has about 100 more. The third most followed is Kevin Rose, host of “Diggnation” and also a contender in our poll. He has 25,000 followers, but has yet to post a Tweet urging fans to vote for him.

Here is the list of top Twitter-ers: http://www.twitterholic.com/

Oh, and you can always follow me too: www.twitter.com/DaisyWhitney


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