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Trial and Error

Meet the Hot or Not Dark Horse

May 7, 2008 10:14 AM

So what everyone really wants to know these days is who the heck is Michael Somerville?

Because right now he is one of the top two contenders for the Hottest Male Web Host. And nobody seems to know him. Yet enough people seem to know him that he’s often leading in the votes, jockeying back and forth with Captain Speedo—aka David Price of “The Middle Show”—and Leo Laporte.

So who is this dark horse?

Well, you might not yet know him from his online persona. But I bet some of the ladies who read my blog will know him from his other life. He's Jake from Glamour magazine! You know … “Ask Jake,” the guy who gives you the guy’s perspective on relationships.

And that’s sort of what he does in his new show “Love, Somerville.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek series on relationships and it can be quite funny at times. Just check out this recent episode, especially when he breaks up with his girlfriend via a puppy greeting card.


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Comments (2)

Trent S. :

Michael's no dark horse -- he's hilarious! Plus he's running a clean (shaven) campaign.

William Berry (castlelong1):

Wow, and David Price's Black 20 guys continue.
This is obviously a contest of who can motivate their viewers more, and Black 20 is winning.

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