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Trial and Error

NBC Not Too Big to Run a Web Contest

May 28, 2008 10:20 AM

So you want to be a TV star?

Here’s the latest contest for you. And it’s not too shabby. No sirree. You don’t just get a new camcorder or $5,000 in editing equipment. It’s a chance to be a host on an NBC local station.

NBC-owned KNBC-TV in Los Angeles is looking for a host for its new show “1stLook LA,” which runs on Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. The show covers the best of nightlife, shopping, wellness and dining in Los Angeles. KNBC is soliciting audition videos on its site: http://www.lxtv.com/ishouldhost. The contest runs May 17 to June 14.

What’s interesting to me about this contest is that it’s NBC. It’s NBC, folks! It’s not just YouTube or DailyMotion hosting a contest. This is big media, big broadcasters getting swept up in the contest madness! Oh, what has our precious big media world with its big gates come to? It’s opening up, imitating the little guys, the indies.

Is nothing sacred?

(Actually, I think this is a good thing!)


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That is interesting! I worked for NBC affiliates for eight years and never saw them get into the contests. Guess the only way to fight YouTube is to imitate it, right?

And no, nothing is sacred anymore. I have to admit, while it's driven me out of TV news, it's also forced me into a whole new world with new media. And I love it!

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