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Trial and Error

Subtle Brand Marketing Works

May 16, 2008 9:40 AM

Savvy marketers are getting hip to creating branded entertainment for the Web. Advertisers are learning that when it comes to the Web, you can’t just disseminate your own message. To be successful, you need to produce—gasp—interesting content and then step back a bit.

Like this new travel-video Web site CitiesbyFoot. The site consists of a series of well-produced videos on places to eat, shop and play in cities such as Aspen, Las Vegas and New Orleans. It’s sort of a mini-version of “$40 a Day,” the Food Network show starring Rachael Ray.

Turns out the site is produced by footwear maker Crocs. But what works about the site is that the information is useful. The videos aren’t infomercials for the shows. They are, instead, useful travel videos that just happen to be sponsored by a brand.

The site was conceived and produced by Tom Flanagan, CEO of Red Robot, which also has worked with General Motors, Sun Microsystems, MTV and others.


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