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Trial and Error

Winner Takes All

May 4, 2008 6:36 PM

And then there were nine.

After a heated week of voting in the first round of the New Media Minute-TVWeek.com Tournament for the Hottest Male Web Host, we find ourselves staring at the finish line in the final round. And it’s Winner Takes All. Mano a mano. Sudden Death.

That’s right. Eight guys made it out unscathed from the initial pack of 16 and we added a wild-card name to the final round, due to audience demand.

And now there will be no more brackets, no more whittling the boys down. Nope. It’s just a war of attrition, a battle 'til the end.

The male Web hosts left standing are: Leo Laporte (This Week in Tech), Gary Vaynerchuk (WineLibraryTV), Jeff MacPherson (Tiki Bar TV), Erik Beck (Indy Mogul), Michael Somerville (Love, Somerville), Kevin Rose (Diggnation), Martin Sargent (Internet Superstar), Chris Leavins (Cute with Chris) and David Price (The Middle Show).

You have until Friday at 2 p.m. Pacific to cast your vote. Go objectify!


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I voted for Mr Laporte because he is cute and has a very sexy radio voice. If leo wasn't taken i would marry him!


Come on Black20. Let's do this! ^_^


Bring on the HOTness, vote for David Price!!!

Nancy Jenene Bowman:

Go Leo!!!

Vote Dr. Tiki and be blessed by the Tiki gods else be cursed for life.

SteveO (gswd):

Vote Dr. Tiki. Swank pads have everything including Lala.

I vote for Jay Smooth...oh wait, I can't. He's not on the list.


David Price has got to win this... His sexiness is unmatched and his hilarity is second to none - Come on Black20.. make some noise!!!!

Woo, we got Mr. Cost himself into the official voting! Now let's get him the win!

Gooooooo Dave!!! Dave=SEXY


Come on DP!!! You got my vote.

Green Mustard:

Man did you guys miss the mark with sexy web hosts. I say this because you missed a guy that is way sexier than any of this guys that you listed. Go to www.Duplisity.com and you will see the guy that should be in the mix. Chris is much better and funnier than any of this guys.

Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck Erik Beck

Space Ghost:

It's obvious Leo Laporte is the clear winner here. Leo's charm, good looks and smooth radio voice make him the ultimate Hottest Male Web Host!

What?! You've missed the hottest male web host of them all: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a188/b00b00kitty/MegaCon%202008/spartans_rock.jpg





Although you could have found a better picture of him. But man, that voice....

Yes, we female fans of TWiT and MacBreak Weekly are out here. It just takes something special for us to chime in.


Angie! You are right -- love the Spartan pic!

Ashley :

Michael Somerville = cool and funny. Um, that sounds hot to me!

Gailelaine King:

Leo Laporte all the way, all the time!!


one word. David Z. Price


David Price(DP) double penetration baby!


GOGOGOOGOGOGOOG! i vote for david price from black20.com. speedowalk is the hawtness, no other host can pull that off except for the beauty of david price


i would marry David Price for free.

Luke Harris:

Vote David Price, unless you're blind.




There must be some cheating going on, because there is no way that David Price is not winning this. Just like the last Presidential election I voted 45 times.

Missy :

We can sooo do this guys! HIT THE STREETS!!! DAVID PRICE FTW!!!!!!!


lmao @ Oce's mum

Lor Blitzer:

Chris Leavins is not only the CUTEST - he is one of the nicest guys I ever had the chance to meet for 5 minutes!

He is a GOD for god sakes!


If Davdi Price doesn't win, I will cry and possibly file a lawsuit...that having been said I didn't vote for him.

doug michaelson:

Dave doing Soldier Boy I think just about makes everyone tremble at the knees.

I don't care if Dave doesn't win this, we all know the truth.


Seriously, how could a young hip sexy guy like Davin Price be getting beat by an old dude who looks like a cross between Tim the Tool Man Taylor's side kick and that Quaker oatmeal guy?

This IS the contest for "sexiest" correct, not "Most fatherly, wish he would sit me down and give me the birds and the bees talk so we could bond, then drink slurpees later guy"?


Okay, now... anybody that knows anything about David Price and The Middle Show would vote for him.

Personally, though I am most assuredly not one to prefer males (required disclaimer), I have a deep, unabiding appreciation for David's body... of work, damn you, Fr. Mulcahy!


I just realized that you can change your votes...

People, I offer you a chance to make money on your futures, er,... votes for "This Week in Tech guy".

I will buy your votes if you change to David Price. Consider it a good investment you can make by trading in your admittedly poor choice in "Hottest Web Guy Futures".

Call me at (877)555-1212 (Disclaimer: NOT A REAL NUMBER)to trade in your shares in "Tech guy" for the hottest commodity on the web, Middle Show guy...

Go, Leo, go!! :-)


Chris Leavins is clearly the hottest here!!
I'm a little baffled as to why a chubby old man is in the lead....

None of these hosts have done the things that David Price has done. They just sit in their studios. This guy is the people's host!

Plus, he looks awesome in a speedo. Come on, David!


Chris Leavins, I love you! You're smart, sassy and HOT!


Chris Leavins


Chris leavins!!!!!

Chris....where R all those teenage girls when U need them? Should've stuck with the bears....they R at least loyal ;-o

Well, we voted for you.....good luck; though it looks like Daddy is on top. Just how is this a "Cute Down?" I am sure he is great guy....but Chris, regardless of whatever sex.. Ur the cutest; hands down...Its like "Cute" is yor middle name. Haven't they seen your kitty pix yet? :-o

Good luck, dude..

Steph Hammond:

Chris Leavins is my Lord!!!!

Tom Z:

David Price is going to take this competition!






David Price, no contest.


IN YOUR FACE LEO & MICHAEL! Muhahahaha. jk jk
I mean, we all know David Price is going to win this... why rub it in. Loves!


If you have any question who should win...go to black20.com and check out david price's newest episode with the tribute to Julia Styles


Be serious, Dave should win this. It's the best show. Also, you have to watch his newest episode. Good call George.


David Price should totally kill this competition and if you want an even easier way to see why just click this link The Middle Show


The run on the Middle Show when they visited the New York ComicCon (4 episodes plus the extras) really runs the full gauntlet of David's talent. He can deliver a serious interview with the likes of Stan Lee just as well as he can make a complete fool of himself for the sake of a good laugh.

Erik Saint:

Erik Beck is the best one. Please for the love of all you hold sacred or not vote for Erik Beck! Indymogul rocks!

David Price. Not only sexy, but a fantastic singing voice!!!!


VOTE 4 DAVID PRICE !!!!! yehaa


Chris Leavins, seriously, he is so cute.


C'mon CWC viewers!!! Chris needs us to show how much we lust for him!!! It IS CuteWithChris afterall!!!!


Ugh - all you people saying to watch 'The Middle Show', I clicked your link and could only get through 45 seconds of that total crap! What a not-funny, unoriginal dork.


This contest is funny! The Leo guy gets a ton of twitter votes, then Price hires people in the Northeast to click on his behalf... we all know that TikiBar Jeff is the REAL winner. Far hotter than hired drones who know how to click a mouse...


YEAAAAH!! Mr. Price is in the lead. Florida's delegate votes go to Mr. Price.


I went and checked out David Price, and he's fine looking and all but he's no Chris Leavins, sorry. No comparison!

Digg Kevin Rose


DP is bossome!


David Z. Price is and should be in the lead for this contest. He's funny, he can dance, he can sing, and anyone who can make as big a fool of themselves as he does and still look sexy, should win this contest! VOTE DAVID PRICE of the MIDDLE SHOW! You won't be disappointed. "DAVID PRICE - THE PEOPLE'S WEB HOST."

I had to vote for Dave.. He got naked for that spot!

I love DZ's man doodle.

Nick L:

Fun contest, Daisy. Informative, too. I'd have never known about TikiBar TV otherwise, and it's pretty funny.

too many choices.. is there a 'vote for all' button?


Chris :)


David Price is not only Sexy but also, he can do pretty much anything even fly in the trapese survive in new york and do pretty much whatever he wants


i vote Chris


erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win
erik beck most win

go erik!!!

caroline azar:

cute with chris is the icon odf beautyness and ugliness and wholeness and jesus-ness.. he puts us all to shame-- make him lord please.





vote for him or you will be used in an indy mogul test film!


eric beck for da win!



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