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Trial and Error

YouTube Product Follows the Buzz

May 13, 2008 11:16 AM

YouTube introduced a product today called “buzz targeting,” which tracks videos about to go viral and pairs them with ads.

It’s something Google CEO Eric Schmidt hinted at earlier this month on CNBC when he talked about new products coming out soon.

The new product predicts which videos are most likely to go viral by measuring acceleration of views, favorites and ratings activity. The service then allows advertisers to target their ads specifically to these videos on YouTube.

“Every advertiser hopes that their campaign will be the next big viral hit online, and they come to YouTube to reach the millions of video viewers who are on the site every day,” Shiva Rajaraman, YouTube product manager, said in a statement. “Buzz targeting lets them do both at the same time. They associate their brand with the hottest content of the day while reaching the most engaged users in our community.”

Lionsgate has used buzz targeting to promote the release of its film “The Forbidden Kingdom,” with ads running against more than 500 of the most popular partner videos in music and entertainment, including content from major music labels and videos from users in the YouTube, the video site said.

I like this tool because it has the potential to bring more advertisers into YouTube and because it’s a “smart” tool. It’s real-time and it’s about following the consumer and the videos that consumers are watching.

In related news, if you are looking for more information on Google’s Video Ad Sense, placing ads in online video and the trends in this business, check out this video from an Ad:Tech session. It’s about an hour long, but it features Google product managers discussing trends and how-to issues for online video ads.


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