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Trial and Error

Don’t Look Now, You’re Streaming

June 12, 2008 11:05 AM

Can I tell you what was really cool the other day?

I know I should be all jaded and, like, so over this. But it was still a totally rocking moment.

There I am interviewing Tom Green on the phone, and he’s totally normal and businesslike. And we talked about really cool business-y things, like the fact that he uses Bit Gravity for streaming pretty much everyone and their uncle and their uncle’s dog from his living room in Los Angeles for his show at www.tomgreen.com.

And how he does live streaming every day for his Internet variety-style talk show. And even though he’s had a few advertisers, like Budweiser, he’s not focused on the dirty “M” word (Shh…that’s monetization to you), mostly because his live streaming show is syndicated on Canada’s Comedy Network and the license fee he receives from that underwrites everything else. And he’s just started production on the second season. (So that’s how you make money on Web video: Get a TV deal to pay your costs!)

And here’s the cool part. He says, “Hey, we’re live streaming now.” So I go to his site and there he is sitting on his couch talking to me!

Yeah, lame. But totally cool, too.

Anyway, here’s his best-of episode.


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