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Trial and Error

Tried and Truveo

June 18, 2008 6:00 AM

Since this blog was founded on the premise of kicking the tires on video services, I decided to go back to my roots and do just that today.

The video search service Truveo recently relaunched its site to improve performance and make the site easier to use. I decided to check out the changes last Friday night when I had “Dirty Sexy Money” on my mind. I was looking for the show on iTunes (couldn’t find it), so I figured searching for it would be the perfect test of the new Truveo.

After all, the new site purports to find and load videos faster. So I put “Dirty Sexy Money” into the search box on Truveo. The results returned quickly and linked me up to several ABC videos immediately. I clicked on one. But then I got a “your video is loading” notice in the embedded video window. And “Dirty Sexy Money” never loaded, even the ones from ABC.com. So then I went directly to ABC.com and saw that the show wasn’t available at the moment on the site, which explains why the video didn’t play. Still, I don’t think a search engine should deliver a user to a video that doesn’t exist.

So back on Truveo I clicked on “Tim Russert,” since searches for Tim Russert were clearly top of mind last week. In this case, I clicked on a CNBC tribute video. That video did load quickly and play instantly. So I tried a few more news videos including one from AP Video. All played immediately and one thing I do like about the service is the videos play in the embedded players on the Truveo site.


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