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Holy Smokes! 'Weeds' Delivers 2.5 Mil Apple Downloads

June 16, 2008 9:12 AM

The fourth season of “Weeds” returns to Showtime tonight and, if iTunes purchases are an indication, viewers are eager for the show.

Showtime said that of the top 10 TV seasons available on iTunes last week, “Weeds” generally occupied the No. 1 slot (for season three), the No. 3 slot (for season one) and the No. 4 slot (for season two).

Showtime said Apple has sold 2.5 million Weeds downloads in total.


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Maybe that's because they have a year's worth of subscribers that haven't been able to download episodes as they roll out but instead had to wait - until last week to watch the previous season's episodes legally.

Me any my friends have already agreed while we're excited Weeds is back, we don't have Showtime and with no immediate or next day digital download delivery option available we will be forced to turn to bit torrent like we did last season.

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