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Trial and Error

How to Make Money in Online Video, Fine Bros. Style

June 24, 2008 6:00 AM

We’re all just trying to make a buck, right?

And doing that in online video—despite the insane growth numbers—isn’t always the easiest trick to turn. Sure, advertisers poured $471 million into streaming video ads last year, a number that will grow to $7.2 billion in 2012. But much of that money is going to broadcast networks.

Still, the indie creators are starting to get paid, too, and advertising isn’t always the way.

Take Web comedians the Fine Bros., who are best known for producing parodies of “Lost” using action figures. The brothers have been contracted by gaming magazine The Escapist to produce up to 26 episodes of original videos for The Escapist’s audience.

The Fine Bros. have produced two videos already, which are running under the brand “Kung Fu Grip,” usually on the magazine’s home page.

“The financial details of our agreement are confidential … but I can say without a doubt that The Escapist offers video creators per-video rates and bonuses that are extremely competitive,” Russ Pitts, director of video production for the magazine, said in an e-mail. “Our video content creators are very well cared for.”

The Web site just won two Webby Awards as best game-related Web site, and the magazine is devoting online attention to video. “Since we're a small company, our focus is on quality of content and building relationships with talented, creative people, not grabbing as much content as we can get our hands on and then waiting to see what turns out to be a hit,” said Pitts, formerly a writer and producer with TechTV’s “The Screen Savers.” “We want all of our series to be hits, and we work closely with our content creators to develop the best shows possible.”


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very interesting article and I happen to be a fan of those "Lost" parodies.

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