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Trial and Error

MySpace Rolls Out New Video Player

June 13, 2008 10:47 AM

I’ll admit I don’t watch a ton of videos on MySpace. Even though it’s the No. 2 destination for video viewing, I guess I just don’t find myself there terribly often. I’m usually either on YouTube or Blip.tv or Revision3.com, or the sites themselves that carry the Web shows I watch.

Nevertheless, MySpaceTV started rolling out a new video player today. The site will introduce more functions in the coming weeks, such as an embed function. So I can’t embed a video in my blog today; instead you can link to this video.

There are some key things to note with the player. It was built in-house, which suggest the video-player business is on a path to becoming a commodity. Also, the MySpace TV player has some cool new features. It has a volume control that maintains the level in between visits, full-screen mode, more syndication tools (those will roll out soon), a new recommendation engine for other videos and other features. Also, MySpace said the new player supports multiple ad formats like pre- and post-roll, tickers and companion banners. It also supports Flash 9. (As an aside, why can’t I get Flash 9 to install on my computer? To me, Flash 9 is not a selling point.)

That being said, the MySpace player is nice and clean. Is it revolutionary? No. It’s not the coolest, slickest thing you have seen. But I like the moves MySpace is making and this upgrade shows MySpace is keeping up with the Joneses. I say that because Hulu, for instance, has been kicking butt with cool new features to its player. It’s good to see others NOT sitting on their laurels.


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