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Trial and Error

Old Media Is New Media—at CNET and CBS

June 3, 2008 10:47 AM

I’m at a breakfast right now in New York as part of Internet Week. It’s the New York: Media Information Exchange Group and the breakfast session includes a panel of women working in the “convergence” world.

Ah, the C-word.

Just what does convergence mean to a CNET, for instance? Because, as you know, CNET is in the process of being acquired by CBS. Here’s what Natali Del Conte, the host of CNET TV’s Web show “Loaded,” said about the pending merger and its convergence implications.

“This is the convergence of old media and new media coming together,” Ms. Del Conte said. “I tend to think CNET is new media, and we see CBS doing interactive things, like just yesterday launching an embeddable video player…. Taking CNET into their content now we are seeing more and more that old media is new media and it’s coming into the [new-media] space, and it’s shareable and embeddable.”

So there you go: Old media is new media.


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"This is the convergence of old media and new media coming together"

"Convergence" = "coming together". You know that someone really understands a buzzword when she uses it redundantly in a sentence.


You go Bryan, bust 'em!


I think this will fulfil Ms. Conte's desires all along to work in "Old Media." I'm sorry, but when your former site held as many posed shots as tech articles, I am nothing if not a tad suspect. That said, they are nicer than the mug I have on mine, so there you go.

BTW, Daisy - found this through TWIM. Excellent work!

Daisy Whitney:

Hey Greg!

Thanks for the post and glad you found me through TWiM!

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