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Trial and Error

Where Are the ABC Shows on Veoh?

June 23, 2008 9:35 AM

After reporting on Disney’s deal to syndicate ABC shows and ESPN.com short-form content to Veoh.com, I hopped over to the Veoh site on Monday morning.

But guess what? At 9:15 a.m. Pacific time the ABC shows weren’t on the home page. Wouldn’t you think, if you just did a big deal with a major content provider, you’d want those shows to be front and center?

To find the ABC shows, I had to click on a tab for “TV Shows.” That took me to an alphabetical listing of TV shows. I jumped to “G” to look for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

And in the G section, I noticed something interesting. The shows aren’t alphabetized. Because, you know, “Gossip Girl” should come before “Grey’s Anatomy,” but it doesn’t on the Veoh listing.

Incidentally, ABC said more than 90% of its episode views still come from ABC.com. That means TV network destinations are still the first place viewers go to look for shows from networks.

And based on their placement on Veoh.com, I don’t see that figure changing any time soon.

UPDATE: By mid-morning Monday, Veoh had added a promo box to its home page touting the ABC shows on its site. When I clicked through on the box, I went straight to the ABC page where there are thumbnails and navigational links for the shows. But again, there are still problems. Of the four videos that pop up on that page for ABC shows, two of the videos for "Grey’s Anatomy" were for episodes from the end of 2006. I still think the page needs tweaking.


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