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Trial and Error

Come on Down to the NATPE LATV Fest!

July 29, 2008 4:51 PM

I’ll be hosting an evening of digital screenings at the NATPE LATV Festival Wednesday evening, July 30. If you’re at the event, please come join the festivities and say hello! If you’re not attending, go get a pass!

The event should be fun. We’ll be screening short clips from some terrific Web series including “PopSiren," “Writers Room," “Foreign Body” and “Break a Leg."

I’ll also run a panel discussion and Q&As with the creators. Some topics to be discussed include surprises, challenges, promotion of online video, costs, the push-pull between making money and creativity, partnerships and the endgame.


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Looking forward to it. See you there!



Enjoy your work...where can we get a pass? tx art

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