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Trial and Error

In Case You Haven’t Seen the Amazing Ball Girl Catch

July 3, 2008 11:00 AM

By now, you’ve probably heard that the ball girl catch was fake. I’m talking about the video of a ball girl executing a major league catch at a minor league game.

Nope, she’s not channeling Willie Mays. She’s the creation of Gatorade.

The sports drink maker never “officially” distributed the ad, but someone obviously did since it’s the water-cooler viral video these days and has earned more than 3.5 million views across various sites, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Here’s the video…


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I think this goes back you the conversation you folks had on TWIM not too long ago on the JCPenny ad that no one was taking credit for.

I'm of a couple of minds on corporate viral.

On the one hand, they're entertaining and that's what we all want them to be, especially since their not obtrusive right? On the other hand, when you blur the lines between the genuine and the concocted, not only does it take away from the overall experience, but it makes the viewer feel taken/stupid/used (lonelygirl15 anyone?).

I guess my stand would be viral away, but take the credit or the blame for it. Your credibility with your customers should be and is on the line.

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