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Trial and Error

LATV Fest Offers News and Insight, Not Usual Rehash

July 31, 2008 8:50 AM

My work is done at NATPE's LATV Festival. I spent all day Wednesday covering the event and the night hosting screenings of digital series.

While the conference continues today and into Friday I’ll be off to other environs in Los Angeles today, visiting the set of ManiaTV and shooting a segment for TV Guide Network’s “Hollywood 411.”

I wanted to say that I go to a lot of conferences and attend a lot of panels, and as an audience member you can hear the same message over and over. As a reporter it can be tough to generate news, because all you’re doing is recapping the same old same old.

But I was impressed with this conference, especially with the opening panel that brought insight from the Milken Institute and Pricewaterhouse Coopers and with the session on the syndicated video economy led by Will Richmond of VideoNuze.

I learned something at each of those sessions, including that CBS Local has inked a new ad deal with American Express, and I hope readers were able to as well from the coverage.

That’s high praise in my world, so I applaud NATPE and those panelists and speakers for bringing their A game and making sure the conference wasn’t just another rehashed bit of the same.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to the Hollywood Reporter's Andrew Wallenstein as a moderator in the afternoon. I was only able to catch 15 minutes of his panel because I had to chase down "Heroes’" Tim Kring, but he’s an engaging moderator and he also managed nicely a group of speakers who didn’t always appear to get along.


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