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Trial and Error

How to Make an Online Hit

August 25, 2008 9:54 AM

Everyone wants to know what the secret is to success in Web video. Personally, I think the Internet is just a bunch of dark magic. But I suppose there is something more than that.

The Web video news site TubeFilter.TV offers seven tips for launching a successful Web show. Some of them are things you should know already like “upload to a video hosting site with a premium, embeddable player.” The author, Marc Hustvedt, recommends Blip.tv, Vimeo or Veoh. (I think what’s going unsaid in this tip is don’t use YouTube).

The other tips are build a brand for your show with a Web site, logo and artwork; reach out to bloggers and press early (especially because, as Hustvedt says, reporters like to break stories early. Hint, hint: tell me about your show first!), commit to a regular schedule of release dates, have several episodes in the can before you launch, create an RSS feed for your videos and use social media like Twitter and Facebook to connect with the audience.


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Arthur Greenwald:

Here's a comment: where's Daisy Whitney's byline for this blog?

Daisy - thanks for the write-up. Clearly, the 7 tips are a starting point for a discussion on a good launch strategy. Each one could probably merit its own article.

Some seem like no-brainers, but it's amazing how many quality series get sent to us that haven't followed half of these tips at all. It may be the slickest looking trailer but only posted to YouTube without even a web site to head to. Argh.

I'll be talking more on this subject on a panel about web series production at the NYTVF Festival on September 14th in NY. (http://www.nytvf.com/) Come by and check it out.

Editor, Tubefilter News (news.tubefilter.tv)

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