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Trial and Error

How Will You Watch the Olympics? Vote Now!

August 4, 2008 9:54 AM

The 2008 Summer Olympics starts Friday and is likely to be one of the most newsworthy Games ever. The sporting event will feature 2,200 hours of live online coverage, up from a mere two hours just two years ago in Turin, Italy.

The Games’ taking place in China has drawn plenty of attention and controversy. Last week on the audio podcast “This Week in Media,” Alex Lindsay said he would be silently protesting China’s political policies by not watching the Games across any medium.

That got me wondering if people will be watching the Olympics and on which medium. So cast your vote!


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Carter Crawford:

Wow. 35% will not watch at all. That is an all time high, and no dooubt includes a lot of the upscale lighter tv viewers the Olympics normally draw. As one who has followed this saga from both the sports and media perspectives, I have concluded:

Overall the sports are uninteresting to the majority with the except of track. Swimming coul be one of the great events for the USA but their following is low. Basketball is the one very intresting one from a sports perspective, but unless they give me the date and time I am not hanging in to find it.

Second the promotion has been very weak. Even on NBC it has seemed low. Cable has barely advertised on non-Olympic networks including ESPN.
Maybe part of the reason is so few good sports stories, especially for the USA. And the few we have are underreported. Has anyone heard about our Alaska rifle and I think biathalon champions??

The other part of course are the the social and environmental issues. Even with 1/3 of the cars and factories not running there is still black smog. How China ever pulled off this contract is beyond even my politcal imagination.

The summer games have always struggled and this year will no doubt be the lowest rated ever.

I'll watch the Olympics on CKPR-TV, Channel 2, from Thunder Bay, Ontario - 40 miles across the Big Lake (Superior). The CBC affiliate not only gives us EXCELLENT Olympics coverage, without the BS, sappy, and mindless garbage NBC seems to insist be thrown in to their coverage. No thanks, NBC. Besides, how can a sports fan go thru the week without Hockey Night in Canada, or a news junky miss the 10PM National with Peter Mansbridge?

Tom Scanlan
Owner/CEO Scanlan Television
Copper Falls, MI

American by birth, Yooper on the Canadian Border by the Grace of God!

The CBC affiliate not only gives us EXCELLENT Olympics coverage, without the BS, sappy, and mindless garbage NBC seems to insist be thrown in to their coverage. No thanks, NBC.

The main reason I don't bother with US coverage of the Olympics.

I remember many years ago when ABC/TNT lost the televison coverage bid to NBC. ABC/TNT had planned to cover live events in full. Instead we have the kind of coverage we do now.

The reason? According to an interview with an NBC executive - Because, the target audience is women, and we all know women hate watching sports. Also, they are the predominant consumer. So, Olympic coverage in the US has devolved into an advertising hook for female consumers.

When my sister lived in Seattle she got the CBC feed from Vancouver. Night and day difference between that feed and the US coverage, she said.

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