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Trial and Error

My Dream Come True: When I Appeared on 'Internet Superstar'

August 19, 2008 9:45 AM

Every girl's got a dream. And mine came true today when I appeared on an episode of Revision3's "Internet Superstar." So if you want to know whether I'd have posed for Playboy, how to maintain your credibility as a reporter and a Web host, and my must-watch picks for Web TV, then check out the episode below.


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Awesome Daisy! cool shirt.


DaisyGirl, you are ON FIRE! :-) :-) :-)
Let the record show that I dubbed you an Internet Superstar at the Denver Botanic Gardens in July of 2008....!

Besides Tech, Entertainment, and Sports, what other genres are sustainable in daily and weekly episodic online video programming? Does (properly packaged)Green have enough appeal or are the audiences just not there?

Rick Rodriguez:

Great interview, Daisy and Martin!

Daisy, do you worry about losing your objectivity as a journalist as you become more of an internet celebrity (and cheerleader) yourself?

Also, I hope you will post your thoughts on Gemini Division. I thought the first two episodes were pretty dreadful.

Leslie you are always right!!!

Rich, green content is probably one of the few genres that IS sustainable.

Rick: Really good question. I hope not! I am a cheerleader in that I want the business to succeed but I also think I am pretty tough on the business too. Just ask Break or Rev3...despite my admiration for their businesses, their CEOs don't always agree with what I write and will often post comments on my stories disagreeing with points. So if the execs disagree then I think I am still maintaining objectivity.

And as for Gemini Division, I'll beg to differ. I was quite intrigued by the first two episodes and I didn't expect to be bc I don't like thrillers or mysteries but Rosario is totally engaging.

I was so hoping that a zombie Gator would intrude on your segment. Sigh. Great interview though. A lot of people kind of take for granted the pressures on female video podcasters, it was interesting to see the topic tackled by Martin Sargent.


Sweet interview, Daisy! And forgive my own objectification, but I really appreciated the featured role turned in by the Great Daisy Whitney Gams. Now, where is that bikini picture you sent me years ago....

N.B. - I'm not really as creepy as I sound. :-)

This was a fun interview to watch. The whole style of the show- informality and energetic without trying too hard. I love how Martin hunches over too.

Wow, Daisy, I'm glad you FINALLY got on the show, that doesn't mean you'll ignore me now, I hope :-)

Shoutout to Rich Reader ... and hooray for nalts.

Although I like Martin's show a lot, I'm not sure about the Revision3 demographic -- Leo called it a "punk" (not punk rock) audience.

He has a point I think, on a recent diggnation Kevin Rose cracked himself up about an Olympic athlete getting a DUI - right before they were doing the new anti-drunk-driving ads. Thank God Alex was able to keep a straight face. Kevin kept making it worse. Apparently it's "not cool" to drive drunk . Mr. Rose doesn't know when flippant or inappropriate attitudes can have a direct effect on Louderback's advertising dollars.

Anyway, I know that Martin's had a long relationship with the Rev3 people and I hope it continues... "S*ck a d*ck, Louderback!"


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