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Trial and Error

Naked Guy Runs Across the Whole Country

August 13, 2008 7:43 AM

A naked guy runs cross-country, posing in front of all the major U.S. landmarks. A film crew captures every mile. The filmmakers then blur out the unmentionable parts of the video and post it to MySpaceTV.

You tell me: Did Greg Johnson really run across country naked? Or might this be the latest attempt at going viral? You be the judge. This video just posted yesterday so weigh in on whether you think it’s real or fake. And whether you think it’s good.

The video was created by the New York-based production company Disposable Television, which has done work for Comedy Central, Bravo, Sundance Channel and others.

Naked Guy Runs Across the Country


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Its so fabricated but I still think the concept was cool...lol


I think it's fake. If you ran across the county you would loose weight. He is the same size throughout the video. i also doubt he would stop for haircuts. This "middle America" shots look blue screened.


What's the point of even doing it? Are they trying to sell something or just get you to laugh?

stephanie :

Fake, he would be more tan and in better shape.

Obviously fake. You can see the edges and the differences in lighting in the composited shots.


What would have made it even funnier: on the beach at the end, he should have run by some women sunbathing, then come back to say hi, in tribute to Ferris Beuller's Day Off.


Great! (but faked). The sad truth is that if you tried this, you'd spend weeks in court and months in jail for supposedly "offensive" behavior. Would be great if the country would grow up enough that simple nudity...was just that and not a "offense". But, there are all those uptight crazies out there.. Great tape.

I think that a stunt like this was mostly done on a blue screen, i am pretty sure there are laws within many states of the US that would not allow this.


Hey, try getting across the uptight state of Arizona. man that state has anti-nudity laws that are insane for a place with such good weather. Greg Johnson doesn't look like he jogs too far. He never get's a tan - his rump stays 'bunny' white...Fake! (blue screened) just a couple of the shots were realistic...But it's fun to watch!


ahhh, it's the official music video for the song Liberation Day by Ferras

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