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Trial and Error

Seeking Top Web Video Creators

August 26, 2008 1:02 PM

Who are the top Web video creators? Tell us!

We are working on a feature story for mid-September listing and profiling the top Web video creators. We want to focus on creators, on-air and behind the scenes, for scripted entertainment content. Who is the best? Who should be on this list? Tell us what you think? Write in with a comment.

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My vote is for Generate (www.generatela.com) who just launched "Republicrats" for MSN and will be releasing the second season of Pink: The Series in mid-September. They have a series of Web shows they will be releasing throughout the year as well.

There are a lot of name talent flooding the online market right now, but few are actually doing programming that take advantage of the web (it's most just "TV delivered online"), which is fine but it's nice to see people with vision for where this whole thing is headed...

A few options:

Brent Friedman: Afterworld/Gemini Division
Big Fantastic: Prom Queen & Others
Greg Goodfried & Miles Beckett: EQAL/LG15
Justine Bateman: FM78/Candy, Inc.
Felicia Day: The Guild/Dr. Horrible


im a bit partial to http://www.roommatingshow.com/

Jay Grandin:

Check out www.giantantmedia.com - Client work for Steelcase, an original series for MySpace, and also the in process Men Anonymous series.

Peter Blake:

I really enjoyed John Herman's Gravityland production! (www.gravityland.com)


Definitely Joss Whedon & Co. for Dr. Horrible, though I'm sure you're already all over it.

I'll second Alec's picks from above.

I'd add:
Sandeep Parikh (Atom's The Legend of Neil)
Illeana Douglas (Easy To Assemble; Illeanarama)
Andrew Miller (Imaginary Bitches)
Marshall Herskovitz (quarterlife)
Jesse Cowell (Drawn By Pain)

Let's Knit2gether is the top knitting video show on the internet. Our current episode happens to be a documentary style field trip, but all of our regular episodes are scripted. We've been doing the show for about two years now and are well recognized in the knitting community. We'd love to talk with you.


About us:


i would have to agree with peter...john herman's gravityland is an amazing feat for indy filmmakers, keeps the viewer interested and on a larger scale, reaching more people, could possibly save the world


Captain Blasto


chuck galle:

I am very partial to John Herman's Gravityland. Very webisodic.

Thanks for researching this. There are many independent creators who are doing amazing work across many genres.

Brian Conley, Alive in Baghdad has real people on the ground in Iraq telling real stories.

Rupert Howe, Twittervlog has pushed the space with his mobile phone videos that cross the UK, Canada, and the US, with his passionate, entertaining perspective on life's moments of both frustration and serendipity.

Our show, Beach Walks with Rox, has had over 2 million downloads and helps people chill out in over 90 countries, coming from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii - sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always Aloha!

I vote for Geek TV, Jay Grandin, EPIC-FU, The Underminer (Mike Albo), The Onion, Oren Film (Miriam & Shoshana) and Poykpac for Hipster Olympics.


Captain Blasto


Captain Blasto is awesome, comic book genre, funny as all heck, great acting and awesome directing and editing! The Absolute Best on the WEB!!!

drew lanning:

no mention of www.Breakaleg.tv? That's a travesty. Easily the best show on the Internet. Totally ignore the fact that I'm a member of the cast.


Definitely check out Unleashed (http://www.unleashed.tv), one of the more solid and long-running episodic shows out there. Trust me, if it wasn't such an uproariously funny animated show about struggling animal actors in Hollywood, there's no way we'd spend so much time working on it.

Sadly, we can't yet claim to be well recognized in the knitting community, but we're working on it.


Check out Break A Leg. It's funny, it's irreverent, it's ridiculous, it's awesome, and it's put together with practically no budget. They do some pretty amazing stuff for a group of guys with hardly any connections.

Man, gotta go with Break a Leg (breakaleg.tv). I don't watch other Web TV shows, but I do love that one.

aj harris:

Captain Blasto

Keith Wootton:

After reveiw.....I have to go with Captain Blasto
Pure genius great concept and works well.

Thanks for researching this. There are many independent creators who are doing amazing work across many genres.

Brian Conley, Alive in Baghdad has real people on the ground in Iraq telling real stories.

Rupert Howe, Twittervlog has pushed the space with his mobile phone videos that cross the UK, Canada, and the US, with his passionate, entertaining perspective on life's moments of both frustration and serendipity.

Our show, Beach Walks with Rox, has had over 2 million downloads and helps people chill out in over 90 countries, coming from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii - sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always Aloha!


I waited every week for the episode. I stalked the site, it is awesome. Season II is coming!

Femke :

Without a doubt, my vote is for Break a Leg. These fantastic guys and gals create consistently hilarious content that has gathered them a devoted flock of followers.

The plot is intense and surprising, the writing is sharp and subtle, and the acting is brilliant. I have run out of adjectives.

Check out their site at breakaleg.tv!



Definitely Break A Leg. These guys are amazing and the show is insanely funny. Monday is now my favorite day of the week :)


Definitly "Let's Get Laid" (www.letsgetlaid.tv) ..the title says enough ;)

Andrea Rzepniak:

Definitly have to say "Captain Blasto"....it rocks!


Break a Leg. Hilarious. Wonderful actors. I Love 'em!

Tommy Vallier:

About the only video I actually make time to watch (Rather than squeezing in in-between other things or using as background noise) is Something To Be Desired at http://www.stbd.tv

Justin Kownacki's "Something To Be Desired".


The web's longest-running sitcom. Beleedat! :D

Mike H.:

Check out Captain Blasto - original concept and striking visuals.


Kenneth G:

Captain Blasto for me


It has to be Break a Leg! (www.breakaleg.tv) The writing is the best I've seen since "Arrested Development" (which is saying something), the actors are all perfect for the respective crazy parts, and the editing is really top notch for a bunch of people on no budget. If all of that is not enough for you, it's a show about making a show. People always say "write what you know," and since they write about making a show, that must mean they know about what they're doing! So check 'em out!

Margaret :

Break a Leg (breakaleg.tv) is undoubtedly the best show on the internet.

I agree that you should include Something To Be Desired, as the longest-running web sitcom. It's also damn funny.

I see a lot of votes for Captain Blasto, but I haven't yet seen the show. I'll be sure to check it out now.


Have to go with Break-A-leg, They have had new content ever week for at least the last 6 months, and its always really funny. The last month or so with everybody coming back together has been at the top of their game. For a team completely independent of Hollywood they run it very professionally.


For my money it's definitely Life from the Inside! A fully independent online sitcom.


And also Break a Leg. A great show!

I just adore Cube News 1/The Adventures of Cubegirl. It's clever and silly and pithy. And the actress is adorable.


I say Cube News 1 (http://www.cubenews1.com) and
The Adventures of Cubegirl (http://www.cubenews1.com/the-adventures-of-cubegirl/).

Hilarious 'advice' videos about surviving corporate life (Cube News 1) and totally love the superhero-sitcom spin off show Cubegirl. A superhero who can shut raging bosses down is what the world needs.

Phil Crow:

I choose, Something to be Desired, STBD! I think it has a great thing that keeps it going and the viewers keep coming back.



Break a leg!!!!! They are fantastic!!

Melissa Tackett:

I would have to pick LonesomeLosers by COS. Two guys who give romance advice gathered from reading through a box of old romance found in a basement. Now mind you, neither of them has a love life....

It is alot of fun.

My votes in for Cube News 1 . This show is funny and informative. Just when you think your alone in your cube nightmares, Cube Girl is there to cheer you up.

Dennis M:

My votes in for www.cubenews1.com . This show is funny and informative. Just when you think your alone in your cube nightmares, Cube Girl is there to cheer you up.


I am partial to CubeNews1 and Happy Slip.
Two very talanted and funny women.
EZ on the eyes also!

Rich Hand:

Particularly entertaining are:
Cube News 1 http://www.cubenews1.com/
and its sister show "The Adventures of Cubegirl"


I vote for Cube Farm on youtube. This show is funny and informative. Cube Girl (Kim) is not only smart but beautiful also.


I vote for Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl. I've been watching these episodes for a while now and still love them. The host/superhero is very endearing and her stories hit the nail right on the head. I go through this at work (as I sit in my scary cube now) and love to see someone else's take on the hostile cube environment. Pick Cube News, Pick Cube News!!


Bunch of options to choose from, but I'm partial to Cube News 1/The Adventures of Cubegirl as well.

Although I'm surprised that nobody's mentioned The Guild yet. Awsome webshow about WOW (World of Warcraft) that's funny at all the right spots.

Mark S.:

I definitely recommend Cubegirl:

Bernie Altman:

"Life on the Inside" is always clever and often laugh-out-loud funny, better than most of the lame comedies on commercial TV. It has my vote.


"Life From The Inside" definitely should be checked out! Very clever writing, great cast, most episodes are better than any of the lame sitcoms on TV.

I'm with Mark -- I recommend Cubegirl as well. She's consistent, funny, charming, and witty.

Lauren C:

Not to sound like a broken record, but "Life From the Inside" is definitely a contender. I can watch some of those episodes multiple times and laugh as much as I did the first time around. It's got a very clever premise, and the original music is really sets the show apart.

And I keep meaning to check out Break A Leg, because I have heard great things.


I recommend Kim from Cube News. She's funny and creates videos that people can relate to.



I would recommend CubeNews1. The show is funny, it's engaging, and it's entirely relateable to real life. You never know what's gonna happen next... Kim never ceases to amaze!



I definitely have to recommend Kim from http://www.cubenews1.com

CubeGirl is cute AND funny!:

Robert C:

I think that Cubenews1, "The Adventures of Cubegirl" ,is one of the webs' best kept secrets. The show is aimed at cubicle workers or anybody who works for somebody. It's really funny with a bottom line honesty about working in corporate America.


Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl (www.CubeNews1.com)

Absolutely hysterical!


The BEST show on the net is:

Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl?

The episodes are funny, well presented, nicely acted, and a big big hit around our office.


The Creators of LIFE FROM THE INSIDE are definitely worthy of topping to your list! They produce a great show that has hilarious characters, smart writing, clever storylines and worth repeat-viewing!

They get my vote for Best in Show because not only is the show hilarious, but their on-air and behind the scenes clips, and daily blog are really entertaining.

Check out: www.lifefromtheinside.com and I'll think you'll agree! Thx


I recommend Cube News 1/The Adventures of Cubegirl [url]http://www.cubenews1.com[/url]

Kim is awesome!!


The Best in Show should go to "Life From the Inside." Its really funny and pretty unique. The characters are engaging and the premise of the show is clever. I hope it wins - it should!!


The show I'd have to suggest would be Cube News 1, The Adventures of Cubegirl. It's a bit of Dilbert, meets Supergirl, meets Dr. Phil of the corporate sector. Outright funny, and original. It can be seen at CubeNews1.com


Here's another Kim from Cube News 1 fan. She's very funny with a really unique spin. Check her out: www.cubenews1.com


I'd like to say that CubeNews 1 is by far the best when it comes to those clever witty shows on the Net. Kim is just hilarious

take a look pleeeaase at www.cubenews1.com

Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl?
I think that the shows are funny and helpful. I love watching them. They are fun to watch and enjoyable. I like the originality of the show and the consistency. It is great how the show relates to real life problems and how to fix them.
I think that CubeNew should be picked.

Grant Boerner:

Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl


Kim has taken a weekly commentary to new heights. Episodes just get better and better.

Brent Johnson:

That's easy. Without a doubt, it would be:


==> http://www.cubenews1.com

I agree with every past comment made about her. She tells it like it is for us cube folks.

I vote for cubegirl1.com. I love that she brings Southern charm and sass to the corporate world!


The absolute best show is "LIFE FROM THE INSIDE!" The show is hilarious, smart, and engaging. The characters are entertaining and believble. This is one show I recommend everyone watch...you'll be hooked after the first episode.


It's like Dilbert, but with a hot chick!

Check out www.Cubenews1.com. The hysterical antics of Cubegirl living in Cubefarm usa certainly help to lighten up the work day...!


Cube News 1 is very funny. Not to mention thats she is very attractive and a crime fighter.


Colin McAdams:

You really should take a look at Cube News 1:The Adventures of Cubegirl at CubeNews1.com

The show is workplace witty corporate comedy at its best. Kim produces an everyman's POV on stuff that goes on inside cubeworld and outside company policy all around the country. Sometimes I could swear she's writing about what I have observed, or at least heard about in my very own 45-story cube nation - even searched our company directory for her but sadly, no.

My only complaint is that there's not a new CubeNews waiting to be watched with morning coffee each day.


I subscribe to cubgirl on youtube.
It's really funny, sexy, and helpful too.

Check out these episodes:



i absolutely love cubenews1.com
it's the funniest ever.

Cyndia Storm:

I vote for Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen and the Trailer Park Cooking Show.



I vote for "Cube News1" and the "Adventures of Cube Girl." Very well produced and timely.


As i am cubical worker myself, my vote goes to http://www.CubeNews1.com

Life on the Inside

It's a lot of fun, with some wonderful performances and sharp script.


stormy vain:

i would like to recommend this video creator Jolene SugarBaker- The Cooking TrailerPark Queen

Her videos are funny, useful and unique and have great style and are very artistic and enjoyable to watch



Jolene Sugarbaker the Trailer Park Queen and her cooking show is THE BEST!!!

She's a hoot!! Check her out!


Jacob Haller:

You really should check out Kim at http://www.CubeNews1.com
She is awesome!

Lexington Wolfcraft:

I'm a huge fan of Cube News 1 (and The Adventures of Cubegirl) http://www.CubeNews1.com

It's not a news show, but a satirical editorial look at the intricacies of getting along in an office setting (aka Cube Farm).

The host, Kim, is clever, snarky, and pretty as a peach. Her spirited witticisms and feisty approach to common sense advice is a riot to watch.

The format usually has Kim answering a question that has been emailed from viewers. The answers can get hilariously off track, as the questions remind her of experiences in her own office.

This is a fan produced Star trek Franchise that has been going since 2001, well before the term webisodic had been dreamed up.

Some other noteworthy Comedies:
Life From the inside http://lifefromtheinside.com/
Yacht Rock


I would like to recommend:
Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl (CubeNews1.com)

She is hilarious and insightful and exposes all of those issues everyone is always afraid to talk about at the office, but really should.

You guys gotta check out Kim at www.CubeNews1.com. When I she that she's posted a new vid, I skip all the others and check her's out because I know that no matter what's going on, I'll be laughing and feeling better afterwards. She's my she-ro :D


I'd have to recommend CubeNews1 simply because it is AWESOME. Kim, who does the show, is so talented and good at what she does. You are guaranteed to laugh when watching her videos. Her channel is probably my favorite YouTube channels I know of. So check out http://www.cubenews1.com if you're looking to smile.

Spencer :

I'm not sure what Kim does exactly. She works at the cube farm. I don't think they grow cubes, but Kim works over there, so it must be a moderately cool place to be. It is a big offic in a big old building.
I have not read the funnies in a while, but she reminds me of "Kathy" but adds her super special personality to the mix. She's a woman of action and folksy wisdom like the characters in the "9 to 5" movie. But she is kind of "voluptuous" too. I could see her in an office based sitcom. She is very bright and "out there" battling against the hierarchical office of evil indifference. Maybe she is like and office Joan of Arc. She is shapely and cute, with comically righteous indignation. As Cube girl she is mild mannered, but as "Cube Woman" she totally whoops and conquers cubed indifference. I could see her as an office dominatrix. I guess i just like the red mask and leotard.

B. L. Lekowicz:

People are missing a bet if they have not been following the series Life From the Inside. Hilarious and the actors are so talented! Funny story line.


I have been watching Life From the Inside and I think it is very original. There is nothing else like it out there. It is funny and the entire cast is very talented.


Life From The Inside! Don't miss it! It's good, clean, zany fun! Let's face it - Everyday life is kooky - and the talented group at KATR Pictures hits the nail right on the head! Laugh out loud funny!


I most heartily recommend Kim at http://www.CubeNews1.com. Terrific talent!


My vote is for Life From The Inside! Great, funny show that keeps you coming back for more! You'll never want to miss an episode once you start watching! Check it out! www.lifefromtheinside.com


I vote for cubenews1 and the adventures of cubegirl! there so hilarious and frankly the best and the funniest web show on the internet at the moment and it probably the most origiginal one aswell it makes me feel good when i watch the videos, www.cubenews1.com

My vote is for Jolene Sugarbaker's cooking show,The Trailer Park Cooking Show: Cooking With Jolene.
www.jolenestrailerpark.com. It's funny and well you kind of wonder about the recipes but they're pretty good. I love the Trailer Park Queen!


I see there are a lot of posts here about Cube News. That show sucks to the third power. What's worse, that obnoxious woman clearly asked people to post on this site. Here's some news, if you want to garner an audience, you should do so honestly. After all, isn't the press supposed to have integrity?

Thank you.


I really like "The Adventures of Cubegirl" they are very funny. This person also does Cubenews1, a rather entertaining show.


Tim :

Cube News 1
Cube girl is my choice too!


I like Cube News 1 too


I'll add another voice for Cubegirl/Cube News 1. Great stuff: very funny, well produced, well acted, and always enjoyable.

Yas V:

Cube girl news from youtube, she rox I think she is so funny. !

Lou Darling:

I highly suggest Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl which is viewed on YOUTUBE
(CubeNews1.com). A very rare informational yet comical and entertaining video's that always receives over 100's viewers everytime her video is posted. This sometimes even within a few days.Hard to beleive no one has yet snatch this up for major TV series besides having her own huge fan club already. Miss on the chance to promot this one would be like missing the welcome wagon for America Funniest Home Video(how many millions turn this show on for how many years?)

Christopher :

Check out these shows


Ema Nichols:

Jolene Sugarbaker has a cooking show and it should be called a Kooky show. So funny and original. She cooks from a trailer park and serves up some wild recipes,too. I think it's www.jolenestrailerpark.com

Tim :

Hands down...www.cubenews1.com!! I love this site since I happened upon it on youtube. I thought to myself, This girl (Kim) should be on SNL. She hits the nail on the head of an average day of work and makes sense out of non-sense!!

Ruby B.:

LOL I love Jolene Sugarbaker too! The Trailer Park Queen--her YouTube channel is hilarious. I'm honestly surprised though that she doesn't have a show on Food Network or Comedy Central. I keep hoping!

I do have a question if somebody knows...is Jolene really a "he?" My friends and I have been trying to figure it out.

Rebecca Johnson:

Hands Down: The adventures of Cube Girl; Cube News 1. CubeNew1.com. I happened upon it by accident one day while picking myself up off the floor after a grueling day at work. I figured there had to be something on office politics. Somebody out there that would blog or whatever. I laughed all night I swear. This video series has actually brought the coworkers closer together. She stands out. Not only with her looks and natural charm and talent; It just stands out. This is something that blows everyone out of the water when they see it. There is nothing like it. Please watch it and destress like I did and join in the fun! :) That girl is something else :)

I vote for Cube Girl. Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl ( CubeNews1.com ). Kim is pretty, smart, and her comedy is super funny.


CubeGirl and the CubeFarm videos are a sure win. You can find Kim strut her stuff and her words of wisdom in her videos. Check them and her out at her website, http://www.CubeNews1.com, and on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/cubefarm

Patty Adams:

I have two web shows that I find extremely funny and creative. One is Cubefarm with Cubegirl. Anyone who works in an office will really appreciate it. The other one is
Cute with Chris. It showcases the cuteness of many kittens and puppies and sometime veiwers. The humor can be a tad dark at times and it's definately not for kids. Both these shows can be found on youtube.com.


I recommend Cubenews .

It's like she's actually seen the people I have to work with.


I'm split between Cubegirl and Capt. Blasto. Both very entertaining. Can I vote twice? :)

Darren Kurtz:

My vote goes to the LFTI Team. Great FUN!!!



I have to vote for "Life From the Inside". It's one of the most original ideas and once you start watching you eagerly wait for the next episode! www.lifefromtheinside.com. They have a daily blog about the show too that is great fun.



Cubegirl Kim, ftw!


Life from the Inside has my vote. It's consistently funny and always enjoyable to watch.

I'd like to suggest CubeNews1. com :) Kim is funny, original and a breath of fresh air!


I nominate CubeNews1.com!! It's original, it's quite creative and filled with hilarious observations that I think everyone who spends 8 hours a day in a cube farm appreciate.

Rob Anderson:

I encourage you to check out CubeNews1.com A production of only two people, this site nevertheless contains some of the funniest and most original commentary about the modern office workplace that can be found on the Internet. Along with their website, they have thousands of loyal subscribers on YouTube.


I want to endores cubefarm of youtube fame
and especially her great character "cubegirl"
she is by far my favourite person on youtube!
she is gorgeous, funny and just the best
Thank you

George Williams:

You can't go wrong with Cube News 1 (CubeNews1.com). The Adventures of Cubegirl is absolutely on the mark every single time. Cubegirl handles office politics and corporate cloudheads like we only wish we could. Every office needs a hero like Cubegirl!

Jesse Cowell:

Came across this post with our series listed.

"Drawn by Pain" is a 2008 Webby winner with press ranging from Sirius radio to the New York Post IFC, and Media week. It features 15,000 frames of hand drawn animation mixed with live action all on an independent budget. We have tried our best to make something cinematic for the web (not comedy which is also wonderful) and invite you to decide for yourself if it belongs on the list.

Thanks much,

Jesse Cowell
Creator - Drawn by Pain


I nominate Cube News 1.

Cubegirl all the way!!


Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl (CubeNews1.com) is the funniest show ever. Everything she says is right on point.


My vote is The Adventures of Cubegirl (CubeNews1.com). She is right on target.


My vote is for Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl? (CubeNews1 DOT com). Kim is the best!!

Check out CubeNews1.com !!!


Honestly, this is a little ridiculous...it's pretty apparent that all these recommendations for Cube News are as phony as Cube Girl's accent.

Sorry, TV Week...you asked for the best web shows, and instead you got the ones who are the most shameless self-promoters. Not exactly the same thing.

And just to stay on-topic - if you're thinking of writing this piece without Alive From Baghdad, you may as well not bother.


I really like "Life from the Inside."

funny, smart, well performed.

cute cast, too.


Something To Be Desired, FTW


Joe Randolph:

I see people have already mentioned it, but Captain Blasto is the best thing I have seen on-line in quite a while!

I would love to nominate the parodies done by Deven Green of Brenda Dickson's "Welcome to My Home" videos.

These are by far the funniest, most clever, and wittiest gems of comedy on Youtube.


I'd vote for Cube Girl by far,


In her southern bell sexy voice, she explains the trials and tribulations of the office cubicle world.



For comedy that often has this non-cube-dweller in tears, I cast my vote for


because no one's said this one yet and all my other favorites are above: www.weneedgirlfriends.tv/

I'll have to agree w/ most of guys in this post .. Cubenews has become my daily giggle.

Go Cubenews!



concur with those who love Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl? (CubeNews1.com)

I escaped the cube farm and i love to remember how lucky i am


I started watching Kim cause she's hot, but when she started suggesting I do things that I'd already been considering like : spitting on co-workers who are always in my business, well it turned into a voice that seems to really understand. Oh, and she's still hot .



I also LOVE Deven Green's Brenda Dickson parodies.


And her turn as Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, in a scripted "news" report is flawless:


I see a lot of Joss Whedon's and Michael Herskowitz's thrown around here.

I hope you'll consider focusing on those whose entire body of work resides primarily online; the real pioneers of the medium.

"Beach walks with Rox" has about a billion episodes, each being able to connect well with the audience with Roxanne's positive-yet-not-too-pushy attitude and conversational presentation.

Jim Kirks' "Clip Show" is very well done and remains as one web series I have continued to look forward to since I began watching content online. There are so many of these Podcast About Podcasting shows but Kirks sets himself apart by consistently showing up with clever wit and personality.

I will bow to Joss Whedon for his originality and ability to generate a buzz around anything he touches. Herskowitz's "Quarterlife" however, while well done, looks as if he applied a quarter-mil budget to the play book of Justin Kownacki. Five years and a promised sixth season, his series "Something to be Desired" has been around since, if not before, all this web series fascination began. From what I know on the creation side, STBD is a one man band; written, directed, shot, and edited by Kownacki himself.


My vote is for LIFE FROM THE INSIDE! It is a great show with fun characters and creative scripts. Katr Pictures is a wonderful team that produces an awesome show. Check them out at www.lifefromtheinside.com.



Break is leg is hilarious, innovative and keeps getting better and better

The most ambitious internet tv show with no practically no budget(so I hear from the creators)

Watch "Drug Trip" to get a good idea of what they can do, but the rewards are in the continued viewing.

The Arrested Development of the internet---which might not bode well for it---but lets not let that be true!~


Life from the Inside is well written, acted and shot. And, Captain Blasto is stylistic fun.


Jolene Sugarbaker rocks!
She is so awesome.


Life from the Inside is clearly the best show on the internet. It takes a simple premise and contiually creates unique brand of comedey that is always hilarious. The characters are great and the acting superb. You got to watch it and you will be hooked.


Simply put Life from the inside is great. There are some other great shows out there but this one is in a class by itself.


Life from the Inside is in a class by itself. I love all the characters and the quality of the acting. Every episode is unique and you can't wait until the next one to see the crazy things that happen next. Definetly 4 stars


I totally adore Kim from Cubefarm USA!!
She does commentary and a hero story that relates to a majority of today's careers: Cubicle life! The scripts are super witty and well performed. She's amazing!

I also adore The Guild - they have done excellent to parody most gamer's worlds.

Latest I'm Addicted to: What the Buck with Micheal Buckley. I had to have it...



One of the best original web shows is Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl.


Life from the inside and break a leg are two of my faves.. oh, also dorm life

Sheila English:

The Lonesome Losers (www.thelonesomelosers.com) they've been featured on MySpace, FunnyorDie, Atom Films and won a bunch of awards.

Gotta love Book Trailers for being unique! www.youtube.com/booktrailers

I love Ask the Experts by PixelHeads Network and The Guild which won the YouTube award last year.

I love this! I'm checking out a lot of these sites that I find in the comments!

Sheila English:

I second this too!!!-

"Beach walks with Rox" has about a billion episodes, each being able to connect well with the audience with Roxanne's positive-yet-not-too-pushy attitude and conversational presentation.


I think Cube News 1 should be the top pick. It's very original, funny, and relevant to the times.


Hands down, funniest creator out there: Deven Green. Her "Welcome to my Home" parodies and Betty Bowers vids are pure comic genius.
Send 'em to the Middle East and watch how quickly that whole region's problems are solved!

Kenneth Hetland:

I love Kim and Cube News 1 http://www.cubenews1.com/


I like Cube News http://www.cubenews1.com/


C'mon -- how can you NOT choose Cube News 1/The Adventures of Cubegirl.

This has to be one of the best ORIGINAL you tube presentations. Clever and real world pithines rolled into one very enjoyable comedic package!


I vote for CubeGirl as the show is original & funny. It's easy to relate to alot of the shows.

Paul Vato on YouTube/PaulVato

Hilarious original content.

SpermTroopers, The HouseSitter, KeepItGreen, LooneyGirl25, Sarah and Shelley Log On To Find Love, etc.

With special guest stars
Mo Collins (MADtv, 40 Year Old Virgin, Cougar Club)
David Faustino (Married With Children, Pucked)
Wendi McLendon-Covey (Reno911)
Ed Begley, Jr.

CubeGirl on YouTube

Guys! i recommend watching "The Adventures of Cubegirl" at www.cubenews1.com

she is a crazy and funny girl that does very funny videos that made me laugh a lots, she haves such charisma and enthusiasm
guys must see the website! she is very popular on youtube too


Man VS. - The comedy/action webseries that always gets me laughing. www.manvsfilms.com

Fun concept and the production quaility is really strong compared to a lot of the other videos on the web. The main guy Frank shows great versaility and humor in his comedy. They even featured guest star Xin - the popular internet ninja.


Taylor Maple:

Definetly my vote is for the shows Cube News 1/Cubegirl. Her witty comments make me die laughing, and they are so true even if you've never worked in a cubicle in your life.
She can be found at www.cubenews1.com

Chris D:

Cubegirl of CubeNews1.com gets
one of my votes. I can totally
relate to that environment and
she hits every single cliché
on the head, without going into
the usual list of canned story-
lines writers often do.

original, witty, sarcastic to
the nth level(almost british!)

I say Cube News 1 (http://www.cubenews1.com) and
The Adventures of Cubegirl (http://www.cubenews1.com/the-adventures-of-cubegirl/).

Hilarious 'advice' videos about surviving corporate life (Cube News 1) and totally love the superhero-sitcom spin off show Cubegirl. A superhero who can shut raging bosses down is what the world needs.


Break a Leg the best
Since 1993 Travolta Family Entertainment has presented the Golden Icon Awards highlighting top achievements in Entertainment, Fashion, and Leisure and the 2007-2008 awards include Internet-based series, acting, and writing to its program. The best original online scripted comedy, Break a Leg is the first winner in the Best Comedic Internet Series.


I have a number of favorites.

Ask a Ninja (http://askaninja.com)
Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl (http://www.CubeNews.com)
Mixed Chicks Chat (http://www.youtube.com/user/mixedchickschat)
The Skyy John Show (http://www.youtube.com/user/skyyjohn)
Man and Wife TV (http://www.youtube.com/user/ManandWifeTV)
Chris Pirillo (http://www.youtube.com/user/lockergnome)
New Dawn with Funmi (http://www.youtube.com/user/newdawnvideos)
2 Hot Girls in the Shower (http://www.youtube.com/user/LKGProductions)


'Space Wasters' is the complete package. Specifically check out episode four - it somehow manages to be unique, real, and hilarious.


ran mathilde:

I whole-heartedly cast my long awaited ballod for Cube News 1 / The Adventures of Cubegirl (CubeNews1.com)

;D thank you

Dave G:

I have two good ones:

runawaybox.com - they have a bunch of shows - I like Man-In-The-Box.

cubenews1.com - This is news from the cubicle - very witty.

Brandon Rutten:

Cube Girl at Cube Farm USA! She's the greatest!!!
I look forward to her posts most of all!!
You know that girl has got it!!!
Down the line...Done deal!!
Thank you!


Life from the inside is simply great!!!!

it's totally Break a Leg!


Cube News 1!!!

Very funny. Lots of insight and great advice for those of us stuck in a cubefarm! She says all of the things we wish we could say. and It's nice to have our own super hero- Cubegirl!

Check it out- cubenews1.com


The Adventures of Cubegirl its really good. (CubeNews1.com)


Never heard of this Cube Girl but she's got a ridiculous amount of comments. Smells like self promotion.

I've got to go with:

1. Dr. Horrible
2. The Guild
3. Captain Blasto

Here are my personal favorites:

1) The Gnooze: http://www.youtube.com/user/gnooze

Being someone interested in current affairs, the Gnooze really throws a comedic twist at even the most mundane of stories. Simply brilliant!

2) HappySlip: http://www.youtube.com/user/HappySlip

HappySlip is a comedy that takes a light hearted look at everyday moments in life where almost all characters are played by one very talented actress.

3) Cube Girl: http://www.youtube.com/user/cubefarm

A witty social commentary on dilemmas encountered at the workplace. Cube girl never fails to bring a smile to my face.

4) Gradual Report: http://www.youtube.com/user/gradualreport

From a presenter who acts like Jim Carrey on drugs comes a well researched, unbiased and complete report on the utterly irrelevant! This is one of my top personal favorites. I put him last because it's ladies first :)

P.S. The more you turn off the T.V. the more you realize that good entertainment doesn't have to have big corporation backing. I don't watch T.V. anymore. Thanks for doing this story!

Catherine Burns:

I would suggest Life from the Inside. It's an amazing show, so much funnier than most of what's on tv!


i looove space wasters. i second paul's episode 4 recommendation.



I highly recommend cube news 1: http://www.cubenews1.com/

She's funny, charming and the things she talks about are relatable and real..


"You Suck at Photoshop" is the most-awaited bi-weekly video. Find it at http://www.mydamnchannel.com/

How blasted LAME is this kind of "reporting"? "Hey, world, do my research for me!"


I think CubeNews1.com who I catch on youtube to be very funny and the star very cute/sexy in a 'girl next door' kind of way

Freddy's Back:

My favorites are:
Felicia Day, The Guild (Comedy)
Christopher Preksta, Captain Blasto (Drama)
Sara O’Donnell, Average Betty (Comedy Cooking Show)
Dinosaur Diorama, The All-For-Nots (Documentary-Comedy)
Peckhammer, peckhammer.blip.tv (Documentary-Interview Show)
Cockpit, The Big Fantastic (Comedy)
Foreign Body, The Big Fantastic (Drama)

Some Great Creators:

Josh Covitt from The Attack (http://www.theattacksite.com/blog/)

BarryHoliday.com (that's me...)

Sandeep Parikh (The Guild)


Sam Reich (College Humor)

Rick Bunker:

I am quite fond of Cubegirl, at cubenews1 dot com.

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