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Trial and Error

The WB.com, Take Two

August 28, 2008 1:45 PM

So now that TheWb.com is officially in its public beta, I popped back over to the site on Wednesday evening to see if the experience was any smoother.

I wanted to test the video search feature because it allows for some interesting granularities that you don’t usually find on other sites.

Because there are only a handful of programs on TheWb.com, you don’t really need to use the search functionality to search for a show, as you do on a Hulu.com.

Where the search capability does come in handy is if you want to search for a specific piece of dialogue from a show.

For example, “monkey” is a popular word that peppered the dialogue of “Friends.” So if you search “Friends” for the word “monkey,” the site returns a list of video snippets containing the actual moments where someone says “monkey” or where the Marcel the Monkey appears on screen. That’s a pretty cool feature because you can then jump to those sections of the show.

The video search on the site is powered by Digitalsmiths.


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Chris Jolcover:

Agreed. Cool feature that other network sites seem to be missing.

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