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Trial and Error

Bill O'Reilly Gets a Lesson in the Law

September 23, 2008 9:29 AM

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly schools colleague Bill O’Reilly when she explains the law behind hacking into emails and then posting those e-mails on a Web site. Because, as she says, the Web sites that posted Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s hacked e-mails will not face criminal charges or a successful civil suit. But Mr. O’Reilly is pretty darn adamant that the sites are wrong, wrong, wrong and even tries to convince his colleague.

Stay tuned for the argument between Ms. Kelly and Mr. O’Reilly—co-workers, they are co-workers, people!—over whether publishing stolen letters is against the law.

Thanks to Jonah Peretti at BuzzFeed who alerted me to this clip. It’s been rising in popularity since it landed on YouTube on Sept. 18 and now counts more than 100,000 views.


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Daisy, you know that Bill-O doesn't need no stinkin' laws, he has his own police force to monitor and detain.

At least that's what he's intimated over the years on radio and TV.

Fox Security, that's what he calls it.

They wear Gestapo uniforms, but only because Bill got them on special. He has to save his money for future sexual harassment suits.

Of course, the list of atrocities can always be found on my blog.



Had Bill any sense of humility or respect, he might have been schooled on the law. But given his stubbornness to listen to a damn word she says, he's still blissfully ignorant.

Emails are not "merchandise", dumbass.

D.S. Pillsbury:


E-Mails are not subject to federal laws as I understand it. The reason being that, The United States Postal Service part of our government is not responsible for the internet. Pretty simple HUH.
By the way I can't stomach you or your show.Just because you think of yourself as a conservative Republican that doesn't make you better than anyone else in the world. If you consider yourself to be a Christian you are a very sad example of what one is.
Christians don't judge any of Gods children that we all humanity happen to be. You can't call people pinheads or other foolish names. You should never act with so much pride in yourself ,that you harm your owe relationship with God. If you harm (yes even with your mouth ) the least of His children, you will be judged for it by Him. Judge not for you will be judged. God Loves You,

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