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Trial and Error

'Click' Here to Enter Book Giveaway Contest

September 10, 2008 7:30 AM

In January, we named Hitwise research guru Bill Tancer to our 12 to Watch list at TelevisionWeek. The list looks at the 12 people we think will make news in the TV business in 2008.

A quote from that article is now on the book jacket of Mr. Tancer’s book “Click,” released this month by Hyperion.

I happen to have an extra hardcover copy of the book, and I love to share books and pass them along. In this case, I thought it would be fun to run a contest, with the prize being this free copy of the book.

The book is all about what we search for online. So I’m going to give away a hardcover copy of the book to whoever comes up with the most interesting and clever, as determined by me, five-word statement about Internet searches. That’s it. Those are my only guidelines.

Go ahead and submit your five-word statements about Internet searches in the comments section of this blog. I’ll pick the winner and then you can e-mail me your mailing address for the book.

Oh, and if you want to enter another “Click” contest, click here.


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Five-word statement about Internet searches:

Bringing lives to more information.

Doug Walker:

Here is my entry:

Proper terms get proper results.

Dave Friedman:

Google. One word is enough.


Seek And Ye Shall Find

Your fingertips do the stalking.

My attempts:

Yellow Pages??? You mean Google!

Internet Searching = Library plus Porn.

Internet searching? I'm feeling lucky!

Ah couple more popped into my head:

Google knows where you live...

Google - stalking you since 1998.


wonder if they're watching me


I'm actually not interested in the book, but I like contests.

1. For best results, use quotes.

2. Make sure your filter's on.

3. Beware "2 girls one cup."

4. Finally, remote stalking made easy.

5. My term paper's due tomorrow.

6. I'm not paying for Skin-emax.


What I think I want.

everything you need to know
anything you want to know
Google - turning plagiarism into research
never get bored ever again
better time waster than email
google - procrastination at its best
thousands of universities in one
better than a college education
never have to ask again
ask your stupid questions here
google - no more stupid questions
putting libraries our of business
all you need is google
google yourself all the time
have you gotten caught googling?
search is useless information overload
the stalker's super information highway
success road paved in google
did you mean internet stalkers?
what are yahoo, live, ask?
234,000,000 ways to get porn
more results than you need

Just me going undercover:

Playing virtual hide and seek.

Where can I find it?

EmilyB :

your fingers do the walkin'


Slight modification of my earlier entry:

What YOU think I want.

Google Feels Lucky, Do You?

Crystal Adkins

old girlfriends and boyfriends today

sud kaushik:

Here are my attempts:

1. Internet search makes me sharp
2. Internet search is keyboard IQ
3. The Whiz just uses web-search
3a. Web-search oomphs my whiz IQ
4. What IQ? Just google
5. What IQ? Just search
6. IQ equals web-searching plus time
7. I google, so I am

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