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Trial and Error

Bellying Up to Online 'Bar'

September 17, 2008 1:13 PM

My week of Web show reviews (submitted by Twitter/Facebook friends) continues!

Today I’m reviewing the first episode of “Two Guys Drinking at a Bar.”

I have to confess I have watched all the episodes of this show and I like that they are short. (Is the message getting through that I have a teensy attention span for online video?)

I’ve always enjoyed the punchline in this episode, when one of the stars says he had a dream about the girls in “High School Musical.” “Those girls are like 16 years old,” his buddy points out. “But in the dream so am I.” This show appeals to connoisseurs of one-liners, because that’s what the show is.


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Short is definitely good. We live in a world dominated, increasingly, by the tight 3:00-4:00 minute itunes download, the :15 and :30 second commercial, the one paragraph blog entry and the 1-2 line email or Twitter post.

Tina Fey was great on Saturday Night Live (even that was a bit too long) but the skits are frequently interminable and counter any momentum the show has generated.

OK it's one thing to produce short web videos, and it's another to produce videos that hardly have any real content value to them at all.

I think we saw more credits than actual entertainment in the video.

JM Dash:

Did you just give the punchline of the video away from the clip you linked to? You said you enjoyed the punchline and then ruin it for people watching it.

I'm not sure how this is a review. You haven't really told us anything about the show especially about how this evolves into a more complicated series making fun of shows like Lost by filling the credits with easter eggs. You didn't mention why this is worth watching except that it's short which is kind of insulting, but you claim to like it.

Daisy Whitney:

Oops, I did give away the punchline. My mistake!

Yes, Two Guys does become a more complicated show, that is true. But the premise and the promise of the Twitter reviews is to review only one episode and to offer some guidance based on that episode. I appreciate your feedback.

You really need to watch at least five or so episodes (ideally, all of them) to really get this show. It doesn't work as well as a one-off.

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