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Trial and Error

Crackle Keeps 'Em Laughing With New Shows

September 15, 2008 12:05 PM

He made his bed before he became a movie star, he can make it after. That’s what Michael Stahl David of “Cloverfield” fame says in the premiere episode of “Michael Stahl David: Behind the Star,” a Web series that premiered on Crackle.com today.

The show is among a handful of new and returning Web series that Crackle launched today on its comedy channel. The others include “Dating Brad Garrett,” “The Groundlings,” “Gaytown,” “My Long Distance Relationship” and “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.”

New episodes of these shows will premiere once a week.

Most of them were relatively easy to find on Crackle, but I often feel as if there is just something slightly off about many online video destinations that focus on shows. Like TheWB.com, navigation on Crackle is not 100% intuitive yet. What I mean is that you often have to click on more than one link, or conduct more than one search, and even then the options for shows are not always immediately clear.


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