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Trial and Error

Emmy Fans Turned to Internet, Yahoo TV Stats Show

September 29, 2008 10:54 AM

Yahoo TV set traffic records for its Emmy coverage online, a sign that consumers increasingly are relying on the Web for news about the television business.

On Sept. 22, the day after the Emmys, Yahoo TV attracted 4.6 million unique visitors and 103 million page views, both records for that section of the site, Yahoo said.

“Generating 100 million page views in a day means that we are filling a big need for this content, that we understand what resonates with the TV viewing audience and are able to program and package to that in a compelling and timely way,” said Sibyl Goldman, VP of Yahoo Entertainment.”

With Emmy ratings down this year, the Yahoo TV data could be a sign that consumers are getting their Emmy fix from the Internet.


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Yeah, no one wants to watch the boring, bloated ceremony, so they get the results and maybe some clips online. That's how I found out who won (not on Yahoo, though).

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