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Trial and Error

More Online Series Reviews

September 16, 2008 12:20 PM

Here is the third set of my Twitter Web show reviews.

The five shows being reviewed are “Scotty Iseri You Can Do Anything!,” “Two Guys Drinking at a Bar,” “Dog Files,” “We Grow Together” and “FXGuide.” I’ll post my reviews of each over the next five days, starting with “Scotty Iseri You Can do Anything!”

“Scotty Iseri You Can Do Anything!”
What’s not to like about a video blog that sends up the nightmare of cubicle existence? In a deep, throaty voice, the titular character croons about his new office job. The video was entertaining enough and short, clocking it at less than two minutes. The first episode held my interest; I’d tune into others. Fans of Rhett & Link might enjoy this video blog.

Tomorrow I’ll review “Two Guys Drinking at a Bar.”


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Comments (3)

Scotty is the Dilbert of the video world.

OK that was unexpected. A bit geeky but still had some fairly good production value nonetheless. Good creativity, and I will tune into the next episode as well.

Scotti should get out of the office and film a little on the weekend too. The sound is amazing and he has some skills.

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