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Trial and Error

Not 1 but 3 Winners in 'Click' Book Giveaway

September 12, 2008 10:01 AM

We don’t just have a winner—we have three!

On Wednesday I invited TelevisionWeek readers, Facebook friends and Twitter followers to submit their best five-word sentence on Internet searches in order to receive a free copy of Bill Tancer’s new book, “Click.”

I had been planning to give away my extra hardcover copy to only one winner. But when Bill checked out the entries, he offered up two additional copies, signed no less, because we enjoyed the submissions so much.

So I have decided—sort of by fiat, but hey, it’s my blog—to award two first-prize winners and an honorable mention. The honorable mention winner will receive my copy, while the first-prize recipients will receive the signed copies from the author.

The first-prize winners are the wordsmiths behind these statements:

Old girlfriends and boyfriends today

Your fingertips do the stalking

And the honorable mention goes to:

Never get bored ever again

You know who you are, so now you need to email me at DaisyWhitney at gmail with your mailing addresses!

And thanks for playing.


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Comments (4)


My "2 girls 1 cup" entry was robbed! ;-)

Those two which are tied for first place seem to fit together philosophically.


@Bryan: Note to self, don't consume chocolate based drinks while reading blog comments.

@Daisy: How did you use said Fiat to determine the win and is it likely that you treat Italian cars in such way?

Daisy Whitney:

re Fiat: I picked the ones I liked best!

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