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Trial and Error

Round Two of Daisy's Web Series Reviews

September 5, 2008 8:19 AM

For my latest installment of Web show reviews, again, I accepted the first five submissions of Web series sent to me via Twitter. Those shows are “Amtrekker,” “Commercial Dudes,” “Jake and Amir,” “Mr. Deity” and “Out of Darkness.”

“Amtrekker” is a video blog produced by Brett Rounsaville, who left his home and his job to travel the country and complete 100 cool things on a list, such as driving a race car, walking to the top of the Empire State Building or hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. In this video, Mr. Rounsaville makes his way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and chronicles the journey along with the friends who make the trek with him. This feel-good show reminds you how incredibly awesome it would be to ditch work and do all the things you’re going to wish you had done at the end of your life. The videos are a little long, but I’m going to check out more of them from the comfort of my living room using Apple TV.

“Mr. Deity” on Crackle has been one of the best regarded Web series since its launch two years ago. In this episode Mr. Deity—who’s God, but if he were a studio executive—debates the war on terror with President George W. Bush. “The whole world is going to be behind you, so this will be a cakewalk,” Mr. Deity advises. This is not the best episode of the series, but “Mr. Deity” is a strong comedic show.

“Out of Darkness” is produced by Web production shop Prelude 2 Cinema. I enjoyed the look and feel of the titles and credits in this dramatic police/sci-fi series, but the episode was too short to glean any sense of storyline. But I did catch a faint whiff of girl-on-girl undertones if you’re into that.

“Jake and Amir,” created by Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, is a series about two guys who are “BFFs” or not, as the joke goes. The video submitted to me is a short sketch of the title characters talking to each other in adjacent bathroom stalls. I am so not a fan of bathroom humor that it would be unfair for me to review this show based on this one episode. I checked out a few others and concluded that the show is among the Web video series that might appeal to young men.

Bathroom from Amir on Vimeo.

“Commercial Dudes” is a new series from the sketch comedy group Studio 8 about two men who like to watch TV commercials. In the first episode released last month, the characters watch an ad about a butt saying provolone (huh?). I’m not really sure I get this show at all, so tell me what you think!


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