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Trial and Error

Vote for the Top Web Video Creators

September 3, 2008 1:15 PM

Thanks for all your submissions for top web video creators. We’ve narrowed down the submissions and are now putting the top 15 out there for a vote. We’ve placed them in two groups. The first group consists of six creators who lean toward Hollywood; the second group includes nine creators who lean toward the indie side. We will profile the top five to ten web video creators in a feature article in the Sept. 15 edition of TVWeek. We are focusing on creators of scripted content, which is why you won’t find excellent shows such as “Epic Fu” and “Alive in Baghdad” on this list. The final creators profiled will be determined both by votes and on input from TVWeek’s editorial staff.


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Comments (6)

Your category of Hollywood and Indie make no sense. Big Fantastic & Eqal are just as Indie or Hollywood as Felicia Day & Ask a Ninja.

Barry Gordon:

Love Stun Creative work--it is cutting edge


Lonelygirl for the win!


Go LG15! :)


Brilliant use of Kevin Pollack on the Writers Room. Hoping for new episodes.


Let's hear it for Imaginary Bitches for the indie win!

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