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Trial and Error

Web Series Goes Inside the VFX on 'Dark Knight'

September 22, 2008 7:00 AM

This is the final entry in my weeklong review of five Web shows suggested via Twitter and Facebook.

Today’s installment looks at “FXGuide.”

FXGuideTV is a mostly weekly nonfiction Web series produced by the Emmy-nominated Mike Seymour.

The show is designed to educate viewers on the business and the how-to of visual effects. Episodes have covered the latest developments and industry conferences, cutting-edge tools for production and behind-the-scenes on the making of visual effects for Hollywood blockbusters.

Episode 34 covers visual effects for mega-blockbuster “The Dark Knight.” The show, which is chockfull of information, should appeal to visual artists and new-media producers alike who want to learn the business and the craft.


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Phil K:

I hope this episode is made available on TV as well, considering how popular that movie is.

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