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Trial and Error

An Easy Way to Help Online Followers

October 30, 2008 11:43 AM

So here’s my big kvetch with the online homes for certain television shows. Would it kill them to have an episode list???

Wait, what I really meant to say is: Would it kill them to have an EASY-TO-FIND episode list?

Because few of them actually do.

MSNBC on Wednesday unveiled a new Web site for its darling Rachel Maddow. Look, I like Rachel. I follow Rachel on Twitter. (Hey Rachel, follow me back and I’ll recant this!) I think Rachel is one of the few on-air personalities who’s come really, really close to melding her TV presence with a Web one.

But despite the easy embeds, Twitter listings, podcasts (tops in iTunes for the last week or so), viewer interaction through Newsvine and video playlists for “most viewed,” “previously,” “my playlist” and “latest program” on her site, I still would have liked a simple “episode guide” or “episode archive” on the revamped site.

Maybe it’s there. But if it is, it’s not easy to find. And I’m all about stuff being easy to find online, because if it’s not, consumers will click off and surf, surf, surf away.


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