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Trial and Error

Check out Atlas Digital’s Business Model

October 13, 2008 9:17 AM

I’ve been keeping my eye on new media production shops in general for the last few years. Just recently Atlas Digital + Emerging Media caught my eye. The company was formed a year ago to develop and produce original content for mobile and online platforms, and it’s a division of Atlas Media Corp, which has been producing cable programming for 19 years such as “Behind the Bash with Giada De Laurentis.”

Atlas Digital + Emerging Media started with a YouTube channel, then produced Webisodes for Fearnet.com, then for History.com and others.

Why am I bringing this up? Look, it doesn’t take a genius to know a production house should start a digital operation! But, here we have a company that in about a year is now producing content for Discovery.com, Lifetime, Comcast/Fearnet, History.com, Travel Channel and others. That kind of diversity—the ability to produce both digital and traditional content—is going to serve companies well during the economic downturn. Atlas works both on an in-house and a work-for-hire basis, and those are models that can serve a company well in tough times.

So what are the things you’re doing to ensure you have multiple revenue streams during a down cycle?


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