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Trial and Error

Cutting the TV Umbilical Cord

October 13, 2008 9:21 AM

Should I cut the cable and broadcast cord? Cast your vote here.

There has been a lot of chatter lately on the Web about cutting the cable cord and watching TV programming solely online. Here at TVWeek we like to walk the walk and talk the talk, so I’m willing to fly for a month without cable, satellite or broadcast TV to see if broadband-only delivery of network and other shows is doable. But it’s up to you. Cast your vote here on whether you want me to give it a whirl.


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Jerry Coppernoll:

I am not ready to give up my HD plasma 50" screen TV.


With Apple TV and over-the-air, you don't have to give up your 50".

I've definitely been thinking about cutting the cable. The cost is way too much just for watching mostly local network affiliates and one or two cable channels on a regular basis.

Arlene Herring:

carpal tunnel affecting my (tele)vision? no way.

Soon I will be able to see what I want, when I want.
Soon I will be able to choose what I want to see.
Soon I will not be chained to where TV can and can not go.


I'm pretty sure if you give up the cable box, they still let you keep the 50" plasma... not to mention you don't need a cable box to play DVDs... I suggest you up you Netflix account and get an Apple TV...


Take the plunge,Daisy! I don't even believe you have the time to get into couch potato mode anyway,what with your website, NMM, Digital Diary and print pieces! You might take some heat from the kids but it's worth the experiment. I'm here for moral support!


was listening to twim.
other than the fact that its directly related to your job (and cutting the cord for a bit as an experiment would be too)- ill give you that....

stop whining about it. i dont care. i might also be done with twim.

i havn't paid for tv in over a decade. the web just gives me an option to watch shows. and other wise my reception is so bad i just dont watch tv. of course this isnt the solution for people who just go to work come home eat watch tv then sleep.

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