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Trial and Error

Kaelin Pays Visit to ‘Abigail’

October 28, 2008 10:28 AM

Yes, that’s really Kato Kaelin in “Abigail’s Teen Diary.”

Hayden Black, who apparently is one of the few Web video stars who’s doing well right now, landed the infamous Kato Kaelin for a guest spot in his popular Web series “Abigail’s Teen Diary.”

In the ongoing fictional show, Black plays a seventh-grade girl. In the episode posted this week, Abigail chit-chats with his/her “uncle” Kato Kaelin.

Black said he met Kaelin working on a pilot, told him about the Web show and asked him for an interview.

“Next time I see a judge I hope it’s at a bikini contest,” Kaelin quips in the episode.


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