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Trial and Error

Link Journalism

October 15, 2008 2:08 PM

If NBC TV stations can link to other sites, if the Washington Post can connect you to competitors, and if the New York Times can write about “link journalism,” then by golly, gosh darn, I can do it too!

TubeFilter website

Link journalism is the practice of linking to other news sites and services. It’s something that used to be frowned on in journalism because it drives your readers or viewers to a competitor, but is now being embraced by news outlets that recognize they need to be both content producers and content aggregators.

To that end, I want to tell you about TubeFilter. Technically, one could call TubeFilter a competitor to TVWeek.com, and to this blog and my New Media Minute in particular. That’s because TubeFilter covers the business of online video, such as the recent launch of “High Drama” on TheWb.com, the premiere of Web series “Sanctuary” on the Sci-Fi Channel, and the latest Web project from the “Break a Leg” creators.

TubeFilter is on top of the news in this area and is an easy-to-read site, so check it out.

I guess that makes me a link journalist now!


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Daisy, thanks so much for the kind words – much appreciated. Would love to have you write a guest piece for us sometime in the near future, and next time you're in LA, we'll take you out for lunch.


Daisy - second that - thanks for the links. We are avid NMM watchers and TVWeek readers ourselves.

I think the reality is these days that people interested in a subject area rarely limit themselves to one source. Sometimes a story might originate from one publication you read and sometimes another. Each one brings a different angle and relationship to the story. The web media business is certainly not a zero-sum game.

Tubefilter covers the world of episodic web series both from a content perspective and the talented people behind that content. Thanks for reading!

Editor, Tubefilter News

(little 'f' in Tubefilter ;)

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