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Trial and Error

Microsoft Ads: Seinfeld vs. 'I'm a PC'

October 3, 2008 12:30 PM

Remember those Microsoft ads from the company’s most recent ad campaign? You know, the ones with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates? The same campaign the computer giant allegedly put the kibosh on after the ads took a drubbing in the media? (Some say the Seinfeld sponsorship was always supposed to be a quickie; others say the comedian got the heave-ho.)

Well, online video measurement firm Visible Measures says the first two ads that featured the titans of their respective industries chit-chatting in a shoe store drew more than 6 million views, crushing the performance of the “I’m a PC ad,” which was 60 seconds of people from different walks of life uttering that phrase. That video drew about 2 million views.

“Yes, the Seinfeld/Gates clips have been available for two weeks longer than the ‘I’m a PC’ ads, but normalizing their performance only serves to underscore the broader trend. Looking at each campaign’s first week and a half in market, the Seinfeld/Gates ads drove more than 3.2 million viral video views, whereas ‘I’m a PC’ saw barely half of that. After two weeks, Seinfeld/Gates was still collecting more than 700,000 views per day, while the ‘I’m a PC’ clips had tapered off to less than 50,000 views per day,” Visible Measures wrote on its blog.

Should Microsoft bring Jerry back?


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I think the lack of interest is also because there is a rumor that the current ad was created using a Mac.

No...Microsoft should not bring back Jerry. Jerry/Gates is an execution...sorta funny but it in no way answers the relentless Apple attacks on them. Microsoft needs a Vista operating system that works well and a new STRATEGY. Not Jerry/Gates. And I'm the only one bothered by the fact that neither is ready for prime time any more.


I feel the PC ads do more to damage the brands of the celebrities involved, rather than improving the Microsoft image. "Aww, Deepak Chopra still uses a PC? I would have thought he was more cutting edge than that. Maybe I should rethink his influence on my personal life."

Look at the new ad by apple in response of microsoft's campaign

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