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Trial and Error

‘Nite Fite’ Claims Key YouTube Real Estate

October 7, 2008 12:01 AM

Next New Networks Web series “Nite Fite” took over the home page of YouTube Monday, Oct. 6. The show was featured in the upper-right slot of the home page, a spot usually reserved for advertiser videos, as part of a promotional commitment from the show’s sponsor Starburst.

This is an important “milestone” if you will in YouTube’s history because “Nite Fite” is not an ad, nor is it a branded series. It’s an independent show that has a sponsor integrated into each episode, Next New Networks pointed out on its own blog. The company is betting the YouTube home page placement can drive subscribers and audience for the show going forward.

Channel Frederator, the Next New Networks channel that carries “Nite Fite,” already counts more than 20,000 subscribers.

I’ll be curious to check back to see whether the sub count rises significantly in the next few days as a result of this promotion. For now, weigh in on whether you’d be apt to subscribe to the channel after watching this video.


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Is Channel Frederator related to the Frederator production company that makes "The Fairly Odd Parents" on Nick?

Hmm...I don't think so

Hey Bryan! Channel Frederator is a Next New Networks property, but it was created by our co-founding partner and creative director Fred Seibert, who also runs Frederator Studios (we also share offices with them, which makes for a fun place to visit).

Nite Fite is a Frederator original production that we've licensed exclusively, but almost all of the other cartoons we run (we've run something like 500 in two years) are independent shorts that have been submitted by thousands of animators all over the world -- Channel Frederator serves the entire community of animation fans and emerging animation talent. You can see some of the very best work at http://www.channelfrederatorawards.com/

And Daisy -- results are still coming in, but we saw over 500,000 views yesterday, gained at least 2,000 new subscribers, and the Nite Fite episode was the #1 Most Viewed video on YouTube today -- which in my experience almost never happens with the advertiser videos promoted on the site. We'll be putting up a detailed case study on the blog later this week.

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