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Trial and Error

Porn Industry Roiled by Free Web Sites

October 6, 2008 9:34 AM

Thought the porn business was safe from the online video revolution? Think again.

The upheavals that free video-sharing sites have wrought on mainstream Hollywood are impacting pornographic filmmakers too, writes the Financial Times.

The profusion of sites such as YouPorn, RedTube and PornoTube, awash with free clips of blue material, is hurting DVD sales. As an example, DVD sales at porn producer Vivid Entertainment are now less than 30% of the company’s revenues, down from 80% just two years ago, Financial Times says.

But Vivid is betting that consumers will still pay for the type of high-quality porn it produces. Many of these porn producers are also borrowing a page from Viacom’s playbook and suing the Web sites that carry their clips. (Viacom is currently suing Google-owned YouTube in a $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit.)


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Wow, this was bound to happen. Kudos Daisy for actually braving the waters to research this story. But what, no links to the site you mention? Do I actually have to Google them?? Argh. :)

Did I just read "High Quality Porn?"
Come now...oops!

Perhaps by "high-quality" the producer is referring to the technical attributes of Blu-Ray and Standard Definition DVD.

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