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Trial and Error

The Truth About Cheaters and Vikings

October 21, 2008 10:54 AM

Why do people cheat on their honeys?

Evolution? Genes? Perhaps. At least that’s what science expert Dr. Kiki posits in this episode of her Web series “The Science Word.”

But wait! That doesn’t mean polygamy is good for modern society, she adds.

In any case, if you want to understand the science behind why we do some of the things we do, “The Science Word” is worth bookmarking. The show is Dr. Kiki’s latest effort to make science fun, understandable and interesting for viewers. After her stint helming the now defunct “Rad Science” segment of Revision3’s “PopSiren,” Dr. Kiki launched “The Science Word” as an independent Web show that focuses on what the latest science headlines mean to you. Her show is the second of the five Web series I’ll be reviewing this week from Twitter-Facebook Web show review contest submissions last week.

I know Dr. Kiki personally—she’s Kirsten Sanford, a Ph.D, and she often co-hosts the audio podcast “This Week in Media” with me. As I’ve said to her, I think the show’s production values could be improved. However, I do think she has breakout potential to become the face of science for new media and maybe even old media. She has a knack for distilling complicated ideas into little nuggets that have meaning in our lives. Like, why people are more willing to lie in e-mail than in other communication forms.


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