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Trial and Error

User Videos Sought for Voting Transparency Effort

October 16, 2008 2:53 PM

YouTube and PBS are planning to gather and stream user-generated video from polling places around the country on Election Day, Nov. 4, Beet.TV reports. “The effort is aimed to ‘increase the transparency’ of the voting process, including potential problems. Voters will be encouraged to bring video cameras or video-enabled camera phones to the polling place,” Beet.tv said. Details in this video.


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What? Now Google is monitoring the vote. Their reach exceeds their grasp on this one. Who is going to fact check the videos which are submitted. Or is this going to be a case of partisan video wars from both sides.

I can hardly imagine the Acorn debate carried out in this forum.

And PBS...well let's hope they get out there and fact check the videos they pick. I think they're trying to appear cooler...use the hip, stylish YouTube to add a youthful tone to the aging correspondents like Jim Lehrer and Leslie Stahl.

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