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Trial and Error

Web ‘Casanovas’ Ready for Prime Time

October 20, 2008 1:39 PM

I’ve got my critic’s hat back on today!

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Twitter/Facebook-hosted Web show review contest. But I’m back in the game. Last week I requested submissions and this week I’ll be checking out “GO Moonbase,” “Casanovas,” “Model Ball,” “The Science Word” and “A Year at the Wheel.”

Let’s start with “Casanovas”, a comedy Web series about a pair of eligible bachelors and their misadventures with women. This is a familiar terrain, but the show feels fresh. It feels like something you might actually see on traditional TV and I mean that as a compliment. Episode four opens on a shot of one of the guys waking up on a couch, with a sleeping woman strewn across his chest. He doesn’t remember who she is, so his buddies try to help him unravel the mystery, prying through her purse for ID and sketching her face on a pad of paper to jog his memory. I’ve always liked what I affectionately call “stupid guy humor” and this show fits the bill. But the show is more than just an homage to Dane Cook; it’s several notches above. The show is well-acted, well-written and has a keen sense of comic timing that you don’t often find in Web series. This is definitely a show I’ll be watching for fun and keeping my eye on for business.


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agreeed!! i luv these guys cuz their cute and funnyy i LOLed! esp episode w/carson daily.. mmm hmmm!!

Wow that was pretty good indeed. It did have a TV feel to it and like Daisy said I also do mean that in a good way.

Guys will love this episode because I think almost every guy can relate to having a girl passed out on top of him, and not being able to move but yet not wanting to wake the girl up. A classic for sure.

I'm going to pop some popcorn and watch the other 12 eps now. Thanks Daisy.

That was pretty impressive. I will definitely be watching some more episodes.

To me it felt like something made for traditional TV, which would do well on the web, rather than something created specifically for an online audience ... and I mean that as a compliment too.

The biggest problem I have with web shows is hunting down the good ones, so Daisy, thanks for pointing my browser in their direction.

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