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Trial and Error

When Robots Rule the World

October 23, 2008 9:44 PM

“Go Moonbase” is the fourth Web series in my slate of five Web series to review this week. It’s a Web show set 500 years in the future that takes place on the moon.

In this episode a robot informs—everyone, I think—that robots have taken over the world because they will do a better job than we ever have. In this new robot-led universe, all organized religion is eliminated and if you want to yap about how you perceive reality, do so at a cocktail party or in therapy, the robot says.

I only watched one episode of the show because those are the rules of my Twitter-Facebook Web review contests. So what I can tell you from this episode is that it took a minute for me to get into the show, but the ending made me smile. If this show keeps up a tongue-in-cheek conceit of a spoofy robot-led world, it has potential.


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