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Trial and Error

A Fond Farewell to ‘Internet Superstar’

November 4, 2008 7:00 AM

I was pretty bummed last week when I heard that my favorite Web show, “Internet Superstar,” had been canceled. Anyone who’s read this blog or seen my New Media Minute knows I am an unrepentant Martin Sargent fangirl.

So screw the political videos today. On Election Day 2008, here is my tribute to a now-defunct Web show that was one of the best. Here are my three favorite episodes of “Internet Superstar.”


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Martin is the best he will be missed


There was another pretty good episode worth mentioning... http://revision3.com/internetsuperstar/2008-08-19daisy/

Eat a dick Louderback! Long live Internet Superstar!

Definitely a great show that will be missed!


Brandon Jeffries:

Hopefully web drifter will get a second season because I can't make it without out here in the vast cyberspace without Internet's Sarge!! I wish you at least got to 100 episodes and had a good farewell episode like Infected. See you at the bar man.


i am so bumbed cause i really did enjoy internet superstar every day and now its gone. CHOKE ON A DICK LOUDERBACK! i feel better...


ZOMG the world is a crappier place without the sarge! i dont know what rev3 was thinking to keep stupid shows like hak5 or Epicfu, when they had this gorgeous comedic genius on staff. I guess they want to fail.

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