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Trial and Error

ABC News Reveals Auto CEOs Flew Private Jets to D.C.

November 20, 2008 10:46 AM

Tip of the hat to ABCNews.com for investigative reporter Brian Ross’ piece Wednesday revealing how the CEOs of Ford and General Motors traveled to their meeting with Congress to ask for $25 billion in aid: via private jet. The GM-chartered flight cost about $20,000, ABC News reported.

In the first few hours after the report was posted online, that section of the site had generated about 500,000 hits, ABCNews said.

ABC News followed up the report with another one this morning detailing the reach of private jet fleets.


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Those CEO jerks should be forced cut their pay, give back all their bonus money,sell the private jets, and put the money into the pension fund.

Terry Robinson:

I'm concerned if verifying transit methods are put in the league of investigative journalism. This seems easily checked with a phone call rather than being Woodward and Bernstein.

Terry - the point is really the attitude that lies beneath this behavior. Like throwing a big private Champagne and Caviar party in Dubai, costing a few million, right before asking for a gov't handout.

In this case, yes, it's a matter of public record, so if they know it stinks, why don't they attempt humility when asking for MASSIVE HANDOUTS resulting from their FAILURE TO OPERATE A VIABLE BUSINESS.

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