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Trial and Error

Best, Worst of Election Night on TV

November 5, 2008 11:21 AM

What were the best and worst and weirdest and funkiest television moments of Election Night 2008?

TVGuide.com has compiled them and gives NBC’s Rockefeller Center props for coolest set, while dissing Fox and NBC—with those Greek columns—for the worst sets. Then there’s the weirdest technological advance accolade, which goes to CNN for Anderson Cooper speaking to singer Will.i.am by hologram, and the biggest gaffe, when Brit Hume called Ohio for President-elect Barack Obama, then pulled it back, only to give it back to him 20 minutes later.

For the best moment of silence, the longest lag (ahem, CNN, you did dawdle quite a bit before calling Ohio) and other awards, check out TVGuide.com’s fun list of election moments.


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